Zeitgeist #13

The Royal Feast


Amitakh Stanford

2nd May 2011

War strategies and tactics have been revolutionized
Battles now surpass conventional shooting wars
Battles and wars have become “legalized” by a band of self-serving hooligans
Who strike their blows under the banner of human rights and liberty

Present wars are signalling to people around the world
That killing neighbours or others who are disliked
Is not only okay, but legal and justified
If the killers have the power to pull off the homicides

The Great Hawk has circled far and wide
Unbeknownst to the world
The Great Hawk's talons claw the Eagle's back
With the Red Dragon directing it all

The clones are rapidly replacing world leaders
And many people from various walks of life
Stupefaction of the nations
Goes top down and bottom up

The plan to destroy the Eagle's economy
Is set for ruin by 2014
Followed by destroying its nest
The Eagle's path will be rocky on the way to its demise
Its land will be pounded and tormented
Until there is desolation everywhere

The war on the world's people and animals continues
As poisons from the land, sea and air strike their health
Respiratory problems will be magnified and complicated
As fibre-like nests invade their lungs

World leaders are unaware of a Nefarious Group
Well above and beyond them
Who wager bets on the arena of world events
Rigging battles and wars with bribes and force
And all are unaware that Ahmad Makmud is watching everything

Colonel Gaddafi is a tyrant to some
And a hero to others
But, tyrant or no, he is now bait in the gangsters' game
As the Great Hawk and its accomplices indiscriminately swoop in

When their own rules restrict the warlords
They shed their masks and disguises
Cold-blooded killing ensues
As their pretence of doing good vanishes
Their vampiric thirst takes over

Finally, the whole world has a glimpse
Of what is to come for any world leaders or regimes
That will not bow to the Great Hawk and company's wishes

The world now knows that
To battle the Great Hawk is to fight to the death
Those who quit the fight are imprisoned
And left to suffer and rot
Their only real choice once the battle begins
Is whether to die bravely or cowardly
Or be forever enslaved to their sinister lords and masters

The Great Hawk and its accomplices are of the same ilk
They lack love, compassion or truth
And are filled with hypocrisy, hate, greed and darkness
They have deluded themselves
Whilst being puppets and clowns for the Nefarious Group

The day approaches when the Nefarious Group
Will throw their puppets and clowns to the vultures and serpents
And the whole Group will feast on each other
As the hunters become the prey

Be alert to cloning attempts
By refusing to give over your Will
This is still the best protection
Your best shield

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford