Zeitgeist #10

Western Style Diplomacy, Democracy and Justice


Amitakh Stanford

19th April 2011

A new voice will emerge in the Middle East
When imperial powers are removed
And Western flavoured tyrants are toppled

The UN and NATO “not-war” war in Libya
And their not-war “training” war in Afghanistan
Along with the “peacekeeping” missions in Iraq and elsewhere
Are exposing the West's “democratic” hypocrisy

Gulf and Middle East dictators mercilessly crush protests
Protesters face torture and punishment for daring to speak out
Human rights fly out of the window
When despots are backed by the West
The monarch's murderous oppression in Bahrain
Is supported by the US whose navy watches the bloodshed

The regimes backed by the West
Can do no wrong to their people
And those whom the West detests
Can never do right for their citizens
This is Western diplomacy
Welcome to Western democracy
This is Western justice

The West tries war criminals in distant lands
A dirty trick learned from Britain's Henry VIII and George III
To ensure the accused have no chance of survival
A smack in the face, using old tyrants' means
As the crooks cry “thief!” to avoid being found out
When the Three Jokers should be in the docks

Natural and unnatural disasters will continue to surprise
Artificial ones launched by Blackhoods
Alter the Earth's pulses as it belches out natural ones
Australia and other countries that were once fairly safe
Are no longer immune due to climate warfare

Wikileaks has indeed fooled the world
Deceiving even freedom fighters
Nobody could release a mountain of memos
Without ruling elite sponsorship
A charade will circle round and round
Before a scapegoat or a hero is pronounced

The land of sand still cries
Its rulers subjugate the people
Draining every drop of sweat and blood from the oppressed

Propaganda everywhere, from within and without
No truth surfaces as the world's media hides and distorts it
Those who would truthfully report are threatened and silenced
The road to Damascus will lead to many places

Manufactured news continues to fling deception at the masses
Stories are stage managed into full-blown propaganda
Wars are managed and villains created in newsrooms

Nations plan to cull the aged, poor and ailing
And those deemed to be excess baggage by the ruling elite
Ageing baby-boomers alarm whole countries
Will the boomers too be forced into euthanasia camps
To ward off economic doom?

The American Congress has borrowed recklessly
Whether Republican or Democrat
It now flails in hopeless debt
But will borrow and borrow endlessly
Because it intends to pay not a single cent back

Parties argue about the deficit
To divert focus from the enormous debt
They argue over details to hide the issue
They know they need surpluses, not deficits
If they intend to pay back the debt

One would think that one party would kill grandma
And the other would save every being
But both know the debt will sink the nation
And their clones will ensure the nation's collapse

The land of Huang Ho
Is in the pirates' sights
The cunning Qualas will plot and camouflage
While stirring domestic friction to divide the people
As the pirates blackmail, bribe and threaten
To make inroads behind the Great Wall

Support for the Blue Flute disintegrates
Soon, it can no longer play the tune
That has stymied the world for decades
But it will still screech out its sour notes
As it protests and feigns innocence
But, its days are numbered

The world engulfed in calamity
With many hearts grown cold
Humanity in transit will not rest in peace

The forests moan
The tundra melts
The sky turns black
The last pages remain
If any can turn them

Those who have held onto their Wills
Recognise the comforting signs before them
As they quietly await the call

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford

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