Zeitgeist #9

The Climate War Conundrum


Amitakh Stanford

7th April 2011

It is readily accepted that the human mind is susceptible to manipulation. Advertisers, educators, the media and others shape people's minds and opinions. Scientific theories have long been shaping the thoughts of the masses and academia. Over time, people forget that theories often involve unproven principles, and may or may not have been derived from factual bases.

Whenever science speaks, people listen. It does not matter much whether it voices scientific fact or scientific theory. Theories have been elevated to facts in many instances. For instance, the theory of evolution is an accepted fact by many, as is the theory of a molten-core Earth, the theory of moving tectonic plates, and the theory of relativity. All these theories have differing levels of accepted factual bases behind them, but, none of them have been proven to be absolute facts.

A current scientific theory is that humans are materially responsible for global warming. Carbon dioxide and other emissions that are believed to cause the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere are being blamed as the main culprits for global warming. Those who support the greenhouse-effect theory are worried that they have not been able to procure a binding agreement among nations to curb carbon emissions. Unable to convince enough world leaders to sponsor action against the greenhouse effect, the theory's proponents are getting desperate and using many tactics to instil a sense of fear and urgency. The overzealous proponents have ignored the theoretical aspects of the greenhouse effect and are now asserting it as a fact that must be dealt with immediately. Their slogan implies that the Earth's future hangs in the balance if their warning is not heeded and acted on immediately.

Here is my simplified explanation of what is to come for the Earth. Whether one calls it hypothesis, theory or fact is irrelevant. Planet Earth is nearing its end regardless of what scientists have told us. In reality, global warming is far worse and more problematic than most people think, but it has very little to do with the greenhouse effect. Global warming is primarily being caused by a hotter sun and geothermal heat emanating from the Earth.

Think back to before there was any biological life on the planet (even the theory of evolution mandates that there was such a time). The barren planet became encased with an ozone layer that acted as a protective shield and facilitated life, protecting the planet from the harmful effects from solar rays. Were the ozone layer to fail, biological life on Earth would be drastically affected.

Certain warring aliens colonised the planet and began taking control of it while setting out to enslave the humans. Humans have since been “slaves” to these unseen aliens, who control them through agents. These aliens are now aware that the Earth is nearing its extinction, and that they must get off the planet before it happens. Over eons, for many reasons, these aliens have lost their ability to leave the solar system and even the Earth.

The aliens faced a dilemma – on the one hand, they needed human assistance to construct their evacuation devices, but on the other, they feared that knowledgeable humans could be a grave danger to them. Therefore, the aliens undertook a daring plan, hiding in the background, pretending not to exist, to allow humans to mistakenly think that they are their own masters. In desperation, as the time approached for the Earth's end, the aliens began impressing many humans with insights to assist them in developing technologies needed to construct the alien evacuation devices. Not surprisingly, in just a few centuries, technology advanced from horse-and-buggy to the present day state of affairs.

Whilst these aliens have been responsible for impressing humans with information and knowledge of advanced technology, everything given to humans was delivered on the aliens' terms and at an enormous cost to humans, who have been impressed into thinking more and more like the aliens. This has turned humans into slavemasters and senseless killers with huge appetites and thirsts for colonising, for power over nature, animals, other humans and everything around them. Humans now shamelessly plunder what they have not built for themselves. They are also losing their conscience. Today, human soldiers can conduct remote strikes on others from control rooms, much like playing video games. The unconscionable mayhem and killing is conducted by operators who are so far removed from reality that they behave as though they are playing a video game.

Besides infecting humans with ugly and inhumane alien thoughts and tendencies, the same aliens have kept humans in darkness by impressing them with nonsense and misinformation about many important issues. The aliens have used ignorance to keep their slaves foolishly uninformed and misinformed.

The aliens initially attempted to gradually bring all of humanity under a global dictatorship, so they could lord over everyone and effectively enforce anything they wanted. They hoped to create a global society that eliminated the middle classes, leaving only the rich and the poor. Failure to bring about the absolute enslavement of humanity in a timely fashion, and the subsequent urgent need for evacuation devices, forced the aliens to give humans a lot of technology in order to lay the foundational building blocks for constructing what the aliens wanted. All the while, humans were deceived into thinking that they were advancing their own technology. However, progression of this plan has been frustrated and delayed for many reasons.

Indeed, there are many different alien groups on the planet. A group known as the Lumerians once lived underwater, but knowing the situation of the planet, their elite have recently fled the Earth in spaceships. Unlike the Lemurians and other more advanced groups, the “earthbound” aliens lack the technology to travel inter-dimensionally or through time, which is why they are stuck here.

These “earthbound” aliens have given so much knowledge and technology to humans that they are now concerned that the slaves could turn on their masters. Secrecy, duplicity, distraction, deception and surprise are important tools used by these aliens. Although very few humans have seen their faces, many have felt their effects.

The primary countries benefiting from alien technologies are apparent to those who have opened their eyes. What is now on the agenda is a fast track of the aliens' plan, because there are those who are beginning to see through some of the deceptions. The vast deceptions are often filled with confusion to disorient and distract, to the extent that even their agents are beginning to get lost and confused in their game of deception.

The aliens are making an urgent push to evacuate from the Earth. As mentioned before, to do this, they need many humans working on their evacuation programme. So many diversions are occurring simultaneously that it is very difficult to see through the alien plans. Besides, humans generally cannot begin to suspect that aliens are behind world affairs – those who dare to raise alien issues are mocked, ridiculed and disadvantaged by the alien agents and other sceptics on the planet.

Time is so short now that the aliens are very desperate. Hence, they are frantically pushing the scientific community, particularly those working on global warming, to convince the world to follow their lead on trying to solve the issue of global warming.

The aliens have been able to temporarily alleviate global warming by opening holes in the ozone layer in the polar regions, which has prolonged winters, caused some cooling and the expansion of some glaciers. However, opening the ozone layers is only a band-aid solution. As it temporarily lessens the effects of global warming, it exposes large portions of the planet to deadly ultra violet rays from the sun.

The ozone-hole method will not give the aliens sufficient time to escape; the aliens must pressure humans to construct their evacuation devices more rapidly. To gain extra time, the aliens have deceptively offered technology that will place a shield in the atmosphere that will reflect the sun's rays to keep the planet cool long enough for the aliens to escape. This shield that is supposed to preserve the planet will actually be a weapon the aliens will use against the Earth. Before evacuating, the warring aliens plan on altering the atmospheric shield, which will thin the ozone layer to the point of ineffectiveness. This will drastically cause further radiation to affect the entire planet, to the degree that the heating planet will become unbearable. By the time the aliens escape, geothermal heating will be so advanced that even blocking the sun's rays will not keep the planet viable for biological life.

The shield requires a Herculean effort to construct, and the aliens hope to win the world over with the indoctrination that the shield will save the planet from global warming, when the opposite is true. To accomplish this, it is urgent that there be a united effort put forward to invest massive resources and labour into this matter. This is one of the reasons why many proponents of the carbon reduction solution seem to be irrationally aggressive as they insist on implementing the programme. They are unaware that they are being used and influenced by aliens and alien agents to believe that the situation is dire and most urgent. Almost all the various alien options mandate programmes that appease human greed, ego and other weaknesses in order for their programmes to take effect. These will play out as part and parcel of the world's progress, developments, hardships, pleasures and needs. Along with technological advancement and various developments, more and more people are getting sicker as the world becomes more and more polluted physically, politically and in all facets of human lives. This is by alien design.

The aliens will not leave humans the chance to escape to the aliens' new world. The aliens are concerned that, equipped with alien technology, humans could conceivably follow them to their new world and perhaps even conquer and enslave them. Therefore, the aliens plan to speed up the demise of the Earth by abruptly destroying it!

In its already weakened state, the Earth does not have that long to live. As the aliens depart the planet, they plan to simultaneously sabotage many nuclear plants and send their melting cores downward towards the inner shell of the planet. This process should fracture the shell and cause the entire planet to erupt. While the Earth will not continue for much longer, the aliens are resolved to terminate it sooner, and on a schedule that best suits the alien programme. The timing of the plan is critical. They intend to vacate the planet and immediately thereafter to destroy the world.

Amongst other things, the aliens have shared technology with certain ones so they can artificially induce earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, droughts, floods, storms and other natural disasters on demand, and use them as weapons against others. Unfortunately, humans have used these dangerous weapons on others, and, in so doing, have further weakened the deteriorating Earth.

The ultimate purpose for the atmospheric shield will not be known until it is too late. To reiterate, the shield will be turned on the Earth's atmosphere and begin breaking down the ozone layer, which will drastically affect life on the planet. Another part of the plan involves nuclear reactors that are being used for energy production. The aliens created an apparent energy shortage on the planet to allow them to raise the costs of energy, which facilitated the global economic crisis, and allowed for the construction of many nuclear power plants. At present, according to the European Nuclear Society, there are 442 operational plants worldwide, and many more are scheduled to go online over the next decade.

Alien technology was used to cause the 2004 Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami that killed a quarter million people. The same technology was employed to cause the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. These are just two examples of artificially-induced “natural” disasters crippling whole regions. The Japanese disaster had an unplanned consequence – it resulted in another nuclear disaster that surpassed the Three Mile Island crisis, and which may yet exceed the Chernobyl disaster. This was unintended, but this technology is so dangerous that things can easily get out of hand. The aliens and their agents are doing all the damage control possible to deflect the nuclear crisis. They are minimising the event and trying to mitigate it. Already, Germany has shut down eight reactors as a result of the Japanese incident. If more nations follow suit, it could jeopardise the aliens' plans.

As the aliens evacuate the Earth, they plan on simultaneously sabotaging a great number of nuclear reactors, resulting in core melts occurring around the globe. The aliens know that the Earth is hollow, despite the scientific theory that the planet is a solid spheroid entity with a molten core. The aliens know that the weakened shell of the Earth will not be able to withstand multiple core melts sinking through the shell, which will ultimately cause the weakened and deteriorating planet to explode.

The aliens have their eyes on the earliest practical window for exploding the planet, which occurs between December 2019 and January 2020. To accomplish this, they need to act very fast and get co-operation from many nations. While all the effort going into the construction of evacuation devices is occurring, the aliens will be distracting humans with the greenhouse-effect scenarios, global financial crises, social and political unrest, health problems, wars, “natural” disasters etc.

The planned date is important because the aliens are considering re-locating to one of Jupiter's moons, which they refer to as Nipta. The planets will be in an optimal alignment during the window to best protect Jupiter from fallout from the explosion. At that time, the sun and the inner planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) would be relatively protected from the event.

The aliens might have to adjust the timeline. There are alternative windows that can be utilised by them. Time will tell whether humans can stop the aliens . . .

Is not that far away
How many will be left to see in 2020

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford