Zeitgeist #8

Manufactured Wars – Manufactured News


Amitakh Stanford

1st April 2011

As the swamps in the world deepen
So too will the plotters' schemes thicken
But the intrigues and complexities
Will be unveiled and blow up in their faces

Long in the making is the Qualas-manufactured Libyan war
Long before Britain openly proposed it
Before Tunisian and Egyptian protests occurred
Leading to unrest in the Middle East
With a quake and tsunami in the Far East
While Congress vacationed
And the President and family toured Latin America
The White House appeared in chaos
As the French manufactured urgency
For Resolution Number 1973

It was a choreographed play
Which misled the public
Few saw the plotting behind the drama
Most saw only the surface, and not the depth
As the swamps were covered with lotus flowers and lily pads
Likewise, the purpose behind the King's Speech movie
Was to promote the monarchy
While mesmerising the audience

The war-mongering media sees the co-incidences
But hides them from its audiences
Unlike Watergate, where some still stirred
The ruling elite's media spreads the Qualas propaganda
While hiding the truth from the masses

Syria is the West's bad cop
In its good cop bad cop game
For decades, Syria used the pretext of an Israeli war
To abuse and oppress its own citizens
While pretending to hate the West and Israel
Syria is a Qualas-built shield for Israel
Which will collapse when the ruling elite abandon Israel

The West says it abhors tyrants
While supporting dictators that lean West
And do Western masters' bidding
At the expense of the people they oppress and enslave

Democracy is abused and manipulated
In its name, conquest, plunder and killing are sanctified
The humanitarian banner is used
To justify raiding and destroying any country

If the International courts were uncorrupted
The Three Jokers and many others
Would be sitting in their docks
But, this will not happen as long as
The corrupt police the corruption

The attacks on Japan are Qualas planned
They laugh as the people suffer in agony
Once chosen people, now being abandoned
Not unlike Israel, which will also be deserted
The Qualas have no loyalty or love
Chosen or slaves are all the same to them
They use them when it suits them
And discard them when they are outgrown

The list will grow
Who will be next?

A wave-like weapon can attack from a distance
And strike those who are broadcasting on live television
The ones in the know use technological shields
When they make live television appearances
But they know those shields have holes
So they will appear less and less on live television and uncontrolled public appearances

As more and more heads of states, police and military authorities
Are replaced by clones
Many strange and irrational events can occur
Reasoning will falter, lies will escalate and brutality will increase
But, irrational things are overlooked because so many
Are already drugged, altered or replaced
Those who are awake must be ever alert and on the ready

Al-Nakba, Al-Nakba
A new force will emerge
The arrival of April
Paves the way for an Olcar to swap bodies
Regime changes will not guarantee peace and prosperity
They are not supposed to do this under the ruling elite's agenda

The ruling elite will lose their way
As confusion fills their minds
What they are creating will come back to destroy them
Their greed for power and wealth will not stop
Until they destroy all that others possess
Al-Nakba, Al-Nakba
What will become of the human race!

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford