Zeitgeist #7

A-bu-ka Twenty-Twenty


Amitakh Stanford

22nd March 2011

People of all religions may cogitate over
Doctrines, dogmas and religious practices
While expressing their relationships with God
But, there are those who take it too far

Ravens attack
Sorrow besieges the land
The toll mounts
As sadness fills the land, sea and air

The blood of war is on the hands of those
Plotting and pushing for war
They may think their wares and ways
To be powerful, invincible and incontrovertible

Their egos care more about the glory
Of vanquishing their opponents
Under the pretext of compassion for the helpless

Do they ever evaluate the correctness of their actions
They think, therefore, they are . . .

As Kierkegaard trumpeted

There are two ways to be fooled
One is to believe what is not so
The other is to refuse to believe what is so

Many are fooled and abused today
By rulers who deserve neither trust nor respect
Deception flourishes, duplicity springs, hypocrisy blooms
But, the lies are coming undone as the whole world watches

The timing of the quake
And the blitz in the sand
Are too co-incidental
To mistake

X2O is flying
Those who abuse it
Face consequences
Of their own doing

The launching pad
Has travelled over sea and land
Finding a new home
Near the Mile High City

A trying time approaches
Hardships abound as anguished tears flow
Many will give up in despair
Others will persevere

The time approaches
When many voices will be silenced
Speak while you can
Walk while you may

The deceivers and the deceived fear 2012
But, they are tricking themselves
Whether they believe what is not so
Or refuse to believe what is so
It will not change what is to be

Is not that far away
How many will be left to see in 2020

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford