Zeitgeist #5

C14 to Boost X2O on 194


Amitakh Stanford

21st February 2011

X2O is affording a balance of power in this world
Arab people are gaining recognition and a new voice
They are not mostly radical bombers and terrorists
Their majority want peace and freedom from oppression
Just like any other people, yet their rulers oppress them

Rulers oppress the world
And subjects are forced into obedience
Forever subjugated to their masters
Arabs are not that different in this regard

C14 will boost X2O as 194 approaches
The fate of certain nations and movements will be sealed
The liberation of Palestinians will be assured
As they shake off their oppressive rulers and treacherous saboteurs
But, they should seek not revenge
Because freedom cannot come to vengeful hearts

For three centuries the Hanovers have ruled Britain
If the British people want German rulers
That is their choice
But Australians deserve to be free of the Hanover reign

The Republic of Australia will emerge
And give the land a new face
As it discards the Hanover's septre

The Eagle once stood for liberty for all
And oppression of none
But too much meddling and too little housekeeping
Has left its house in want
Much sweeping needs to be done within

The Land of the Eagle is at a crossroads
It has forgotten its strength lies in its foundation of freedom
Liberty for all – oppression of none

For too long it has been distracted by deceitful hypocrites
From within and without
Who seek not to liberate, but to oppress
While sponsoring tyrants
And deceiving many who still believe in freedom

Its rulers abuse the many for the sake of the few
Who empower and enrich themselves
At the expense of the majority
If the Eagle continues to stray off the path of liberty
It will seal its own fate

Like a pendulum, the majority swings
Towards opposite extremes
Some offer gold, others oil
Due to fear or greed
But what has the world to offer you

The Earth will enter a shake-up phase
Before it confronts its biggest battle
And sees the face of its nemesis

Formation of conscience
Will help overcome fear
Vanquish despair
And strengthen those who resist darkness
Protect your Will, your most precious gift from the Divine

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford