Zeitgeist #4



Amitakh Stanford

30th January 2011

As the unstoppable X2O energies converge
To sweep the sandy plains
Their waves carry the people
Causing governments to quiver

Powers will converge as the oppressed are released
But, X2O will continue to swirl
Uniting those long separated by the controllers
A new force will emerge in the Middle East

Those nations that promoted, nurtured and supported
Tyrants and dictators on the sandy plains
Will lose their grip as things are re-shuffled
Liars and tyrants are no match for X2O

Leaked documents backfire on the leakers
Exposing those wearing masks
Who work against their own brothers and sisters
Along with those who pretend to be peacemakers

The internet and cell phones
Enthusiastically promoted and accepted worldwide
Are designed to be turned off at a moment's notice
All for the benefit of the controllers

A world hooked on instant communication
Becomes a world in darkness
Imprisoned by those who hold the switch

The land of Oz is at the mercy
Of those who would take it down
From within and without
Its enemies assault the continent

But, X2O will swirl there too
Giving it a fair go
As the Red Dragon's grip is weakened
The rest will be up to the people of Oz

The next to get a fair go from the swirling X2O
Will be America
Whether it breaks the Red Dragon's hold
Will rest on its own people's shoulders

X2O windows are small
And those who seek to ride them
Will have to act fast and decisively

A warning for those who seek to abuse the energy of X2O
It cannot be corrupted
It cannot be persuaded
It cannot be duped

The Butterfly Is Free!

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford