Zeitgeist #2



Amitakh Stanford

20th January 2011

The Red Crow flies north
The Yellow River swells
Hunger strikes the desolated lands

The Blue Flute plays
The winds of war are stirring
Beware of the Black Cannon
The land of camels cries out for help
As giant birds roam the skies

Binge spending has intoxicated
Soon it will ruin nations
Depraved minds will step in and seize councils
Councils will be corrupted as never before
To dispossess and herd
Their own brothers and sisters to slaughter

The Lion roars
The Eagle screeches
The Fourth and Fifth Drums have echoed far and wide
As the Eastern Dragon and the Red Dragon crouch in readiness

Once the hunter, now the prey
The land, sea and sky merge
Tears of Joy
Tears of despair

Porcupine answers its Mother's call
To put out fires
To ward off the hunters
And to protect

The Flying Buffaloes labour night and day
So that brave stars can continue shining in the dark
All of the Flying Buffaloes have re-united
It is near

The green meadows where herds happily grazed will be no more
Tears, anger, fear and hate flow . . .

Many will climb the Mountain of Light
Towards the Land of Peace and Joy
But only the brave, gentle and trusting
Will know to follow the Butterfly

The Butterfly is free
The Butterfly is freedom

What can one make of this cacophony

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford