אזהרה #3

Will Humans be an Endangered Species


Amitakh Stanford

3rd August 2011

As September draws closer, Israel is attempting to deter Palestinian plans for seeking United Nations membership as an independent Palestinian state. Israel has recently stated there would not be a Palestinian state. The propaganda in the United States strongly favours Israel over the Palestinians, while painting Palestinians as unreasonable, undeserving and intransigent. President Obama is trying to impose his will on the issue of Palestinian statehood. It is not up to Obama or any other leader to dictate what Palestinians can or cannot do. It should have been a decision made by Israeli and Palestinian people, but the governments of Great Britain, the United States and Israel want to force their will on the issue of an independent Palestinian state. To date, the decision has not in any way been conducted democratically, but coercively. The truth is, they will continue to obstruct the creation of a Palestinian state.

Indeed, Israel and its Anglo allies have no intention of assisting the Palestinians in their quest for their own independent state. It is for expediency only that they appear to be reasonable or helpful on the issue. They are laying a trap. The fact that Israel continues in its settlement construction and inhumane bulldozing of Palestinian homes in occupied Palestinian territory, with the United States, Britain and their allies supporting these bullying, aggressive and hostile actions, shows the real intention of the enemies of Palestine.

A Palestinian state will be created, but not by endless peace negotiations. The Palestinians have waited long enough, and the West has shown its total insincerity. It would be a mistake for the Palestinians to be lured back to the negotiations when the UN vote is so close at hand. Likewise, it would be a mistake for them to accept UN peacekeepers in their new state. Once the peacekeepers enter a country, they are very difficult to remove. They become parasitic occupiers. The list of nations that have accepted UN peacekeepers or humanitarian workers, that they cannot rid themselves of subsequently, is growing.

As more and more nation states are being overtaken by authoritarian rule, the political composition of the European Union, NATO, and the UN is shifting. The Qualas are pushing the world towards fascism. This can be seen in political movements hiding under the cover of capitalism and free markets. Using this guise, they pursue larger government, greater control over citizens, massive debts and ultra patriotism. The recent Norwegian attacks would never have happened without the Qualas pushing it. The Estonian government's permitting of WWII Nazi veterans to celebrate there is another strong showing for fascism. With fascism, culling of particular ethnic groups becomes less disgusting to the people.

The Qualas will be directing governments to appear to be persecuting neo-Nazi groups, when, in fact, they will be encouraging them. Increased violence from governments and those opposing the governments have desensitised people and led to hardening of hearts. The neo-Nazis will be targeted in the same way terrorists are today, giving governments another enemy to fight whilst taking more and more rights from their citizens. In the end, the Western governments will head towards fascism because that is what their Qualas masters are aiming for. Terrorism has been a difficult and ongoing battle because it is sponsored by the same source that is pretending to remove it. Similarly, the neo-Nazis will travel the same circuit as terrorists. Terrorism benefits the ruling elite and they want it to thrive.

The propaganda being sown fosters the belief that violence by armies is a necessary evil towards greater good. With this justification, inhumane armies are being praised as heroic, and citizens, such as those in America and Australia, are being told that their country's armies are needed overseas to protect them from terrorism at home. However, these countries have more enemies within than external foes, and the real threat to the citizens is not so much terrorism but their own governments, who have taken, and continue to take, more and more of their rights.

Paul Tillach's theology of unconditional love in the face of great injustice and inhumanity towards others is not easy to accept or fathom; it is easier to understand when it is seen as a lure into accepting all manner of wickedness. This is the trap that leads people into believing that everything is good, and there are only degrees of goodness, with no actual badness.

The Green projects for saving the planet sound so noble and good, but the agenda behind the movement is far from that. Most of the members entrenched in the Green-movement cult are unaware that they have been deceived. Their plan to put a price on carbon and to pollute with impunity as long as they purchase carbon credits is another insincere and hypocritical project. This is akin to purchasing indulgences to secure a place in heaven. The British have urged Australia to adopt an emissions trading scheme and a carbon tax. When Australians resisted these schemes, Britain, which is the parent nation of Australia and will not emancipate her, exerted parental control, and installed an ambitious new Prime Minister who would gladly pursue both a carbon tax and an ETS. When the Australian people resisted, they dispatched celebrities and politicians to convince the public. They even sent Britain's ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to Melbourne, Australia, to endorse the carbon tax and ETS. Further, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has lauded the Australian PM for her pursuit of an ETS and a carbon tax. This shows that Australia is subservient and remains a colony of Great Britain, regardless of what Australians have been told. The Queen is the head of state, not a figurehead in any way; she is the boss of Australia.

Australians have been hit with many disasters that have severely affected its working class people. Taxes are being imposed because of floods, fires and now carbon. The bulk of these taxes are borne by the middle class, regardless of government programmes or propaganda. Prices of everything are going up, but not wages. Some councils deny property owners the right to pitch tents for weekend sleepovers in their own back yards. Australia is following America's lead and trialling full body scanning at the Sydney airport. Unlike America, Australia lacks an express bill of rights, so people cannot constitutionally challenge such harmful and invasive governmental intrusions. The state of Victoria now fines people $240.00 for using inappropriate and indecent language in public as the police state creeps in. What about violence, sex and swearing on the radio, television, in books, at sporting events and in the movies? Once censorship starts, where does it end? This is not just happening in Australia and America, it is a worldwide trend.

In bygone days, there were many wars in ancient Egypt, Persia and the lands around India. Eventually, many things occurred that were not of this world, and civilisations were wiped out. After that, there were more wars leading up to the present state. The planet is building towards a third world war.

In the future, if the world continues long enough, there will come a group that will dictate to the world in a way that is completely foreign to what people know. They will use tactics that are far beyond anything people are used to or can imagine. They have the technology to shrink people and keep them in tiny communities, not unlike ant farms. Animals will then be used to frighten the shrunken prisoners. Jailers will communicate with their prisoners through holographic means. The unshrunken humans will be mesmerised with virtual entertainment as they are converted into zombies. One has to wonder why humans would be kept at all. For spare parts, entertainment or . . .

The question remains whether humans will become an endangered species as the new invaders fight over human prizes. Sophisticated miniature drones will be used to track, punish, supervise and control humans and animals on the planet. The Qualas want to keep humans as slaves and cull some of the races; the approaching aliens want them as novelties, spare parts and something else. Another group wants to totally annihilate all humans.

It is ironic that humans have been tricked into fighting each other when the real enemies, earthbound and beyond, are watching, manipulating and controlling them. This is becoming more and more apparent.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford