אזהרה #1

Defining Justice


Amitakh Stanford

24th July 2011

“Justice”, like the word “democracy”, has lost its meaning of integrity and fairness. Justice has been so adulterated that it now often represents vengeance, carried out under the cover of it being noble and righteous. This can be seen in everyday life, politics, religion, the media, and the legal system. Wars are often justified because leaders convince the people to seek “justice” against another group. Often, hated individuals are tried for crimes because the people have been brainwashed to demand “justice”, which has been so corrupted that it means “their blood”.

Today, the West's propaganda machine wants justice brought to Colonel Gaddafi. It is no secret that the West has attempted to kill him many times this year. Homicide or assassination has become a preferred method for removing leaders the West disdains or feels threatened by. Saddam Hussein was once the West's golden boy, but when his usefulness was outweighed by his dangerousness, the West's asset became a liability. The West crushed his nation, brought him to trial, and extracted their justice by publicly executing him on live television. No matter how much wrong he had committed, a live public television broadcast of an execution of another human being is outright barbarous and inhumane.

The West is nearly bankrupt, so wars and trials are becoming too expensive to maintain. Therefore, the West is going after its targets with assassinations more and more often. The President of the United States proudly exclaimed that he ordered his Navy Seals to do justice by assassinating Osama bin Laden. The media has reported that justice was done. The President is a role model for all Americans and many others in the world. Children have been rallying around the President and shouting “kill some more”, “it's cool, man”, “burn 'em” and “blow them away”. America has affirmed extra-judicial killings as justice. The message it sends to the world is that justice no longer requires jailers, judges or juries. All justice requires now is an executioner.

Once the Western media completes its “education”, which is another adulterated word that now often means to misinform or brainwash, instead of to inform, the people demand vengeance in the name of justice. Today it is Colonel Gaddafi, yesterday it was Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden, among many others. Time will tell whether President Assad of Syria has outlived his usefulness and will be targeted by the West.

However, when somebody the West supports is assassinated, it is not deemed to be justice, but, instead, it is called terrorism. “Terrorist” is a label that is freely misused to the point that American Members of Congress have been openly referred to by their opponents as terrorists for having differing views on solving the financial crisis. Once the West's media successfully brands someone as a terrorist or a terrorist sympathiser, then the West unites in a common purpose to bring justice to those parties and their nations.

Destruction, mayhem and mass killings are justified in the name of bringing certain ones to justice. Now that the West has elevated assassination as a fitting and proper tool of war for bringing peace, justice, prosperity and democracy, the most important decision is who can bring such justice with legal impunity. We know that the West believes that the President of the United States can do it. Do other heads of state have the same right to execute their foreign enemies without trials? Can religious leaders do the same? Do tribal chiefs have such rights? Are the heads of families warranted to kill for their families? Do we really want blood in the streets and public executions? Are they trying to bring back the guillotine? Humans have devolved and corrupted justice, yet they call themselves civilised!

It has been established that President Obama can order an assassination. Can Secretary General Ban Ki Moon? Prime Ministers Cameron, Harper, Netanyahu, Putin and others? How about Presidents Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Hu, Medvedev, Sarkozy and others? Germany's Merkel? Kings Abdullah bin Abdu-Aziz, Gustav, Juan Carlos or Queen Elizabeth II? Could the Dalai Lama, the Pope or the head of the Church of England? In the past, these categories of leaders could, and did, order assassinations at will, and it seems that we are devolving right back to those Dark Ages and beyond.

How did human ethics fall so low? The leaders are concerned that their police and military will no longer carry out their orders for executions. Is this one of the reasons that they are eliminating human involvement by creating robots and drones to do more of their killings? They have reduced the obstacle of human ethics by relying on computer software. Again, how did humankind fall to this despicable state?

The media is a powerful tool responsible for what people accept and reject. The media shapes people's thinking. Media censorship happens in almost all countries. They support extra-judicial homicides and openly call for more killings in the name of justice. The Qualas, who hide behind the scenes, control and influence the media through their ruling-elite agents. Usually, the ones below do not know the real reasons behind their action and for whom they do it. They are just taking orders and doing their job. Very often, the same ruling elite who created and sponsor terror organisations are the same ones chasing after them. This deceptive game has gone on for a long time. The Western media keeps the Western public in check so that the ruling elite can erect their heroes and villains.

While there are some media figures and organisations that are trying to get to the truth of many matters, they are silenced one way or another. It is a very dangerous task to disseminate truth in this corrupt world. Many journalists have sacrificed their lives in their efforts to truthfully report to the people. Few would suspect that in many cases their own employers had a hand in their demises.

When the American colonists broke away from Great Britain in the eighteenth century, they had an independent media that rebutted King George III's propaganda. George III was well aware how important the media was in maintaining power, and his family had long controlled the British press. He had a very long reign of 60 years, and he spent his entire reign disadvantaging and fighting with the Americans. For the first 16 years of his reign, he set up a tyranny that forced the colonists to revolt. George III tried desperately to separate the colonies so he could subdue them one at a time, and easily conquer the whole continent. But, as is well known, the colonies united and held firm against their enemy, England's George III.

As mentioned in my previous writings, although George III lost to the Americans, he kept fighting them from within and without. He had many British sympathisers inside America and many anti-Americans outside the country. He stirred conflict and hatred against Americans in British and other European newspapers with distortions, misrepresentations and lies. The Anglo propaganda campaign was so vicious and persistent that ones such as Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, who were both in France, made many comments on how even Americans were beginning to believe the lies printed overseas.

George III tried, but he could neither convince the Americans to return to the British Empire, nor subdue them physically. He was a very cunning tyrant who had many plots working simultaneously. One of the plots was to destroy the American independent media. George III already had a string of newspapers in the United States that were pro British, but he wanted to dominate the press in America as well. Therefore, he began attacking the American media, by bribing and otherwise influencing members of the Federalist-controlled Congress and President John Adams to enforce a series of acts known as the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. Incidentally, these acts greatly disadvantaged French and Irish immigrants to America, who were age-old enemies of the British Crown. More importantly, the acts made it illegal to criticise the government or the president. Adams used these acts to arrest 25 political enemies who edited newspapers favourable to Jefferson's political party of Democratic-Republicans. George III nearly succeeded in this plan, but it backfired on him when Americans saw through it, and the 1800 election ousted the Federalist House, Senate and President, replacing them with Democratic-Republicans. This kept the American media somewhat independent. However, George III retained great influence over it, and it continued printing lies favouring Britain and disadvantaging the United States.

After losing the battle for control of the media and America in 1800, George III again went to war against America in 1812. He abandoned his desire to conquer America militarily only after suffering a severe defeat in the battle of New Orleans in 1814. Nonetheless, the defeat did not stop George III from working to force or deceive the United States to rejoin the British Empire. One strategy he maintained was to gain control of the American press. Another was to stir discontent amongst the several states. After his death, his son, George IV, who ruled Britain from 1820 to 1830, continued his agenda and plots to reclaim or subdue America, which continues today through the British royals.

The world's top intelligence services were spawned by Britain, and the best of these spy networks include those in Britain, Israel and Syria. These agencies continue to do Britain's bidding, which can often disadvantage their own respective countries and citizens. Their main goals are to fulfil their Qualas masters' plans. America's CIA is a very active spy network, but it is so naïve as to rely on information from Israeli and British intelligence services. America would be just as well served trusting Russian or Chinese intelligence reports. It is no wonder that another cold war is brewing, with British intelligence fuelling both sides to manage the conflict that they have created.

The Qualas blend whatever strategies they want into their agenda, whether it be the elimination of certain races, population control, regional or global wars, education, religion, ideas, food production, chemical and biological warfare, arms races, climate control, propaganda. As always, the media is used to promote and facilitate these activities.

Rupert Murdoch is a player in the ruling elite chess game. His media empire appears to be under attack for spying on citizens of various countries. Strangely, the world's media is not vigorously and relentlessly pursuing the matter any longer. Everything is just too neat, too orchestrated, too much like the playing out of a script. David Cameron condemned News of the World in Parliament, and within days, the paper shut its doors. Murdoch has been to Parliament, where a foam pie incident seemed to take precedence over the substance of the complaints. It is a well-planned circus that has been overshadowed by the attacks in Norway and other world events. These events, like Britain's protection of Julian Assange, are all parts of plans within plans.

Assange's efforts at embarrassing America are helping the European Qualas in their schemes. One of the items on that agenda is to bring the United States down. The Congress of America is so involved with left/right ideology that it has neglected what is best for the country, focusing instead on what is best for the parties and particular politicians. There is so much political posturing on both sides that the nation is falling apart from congressional infighting. Informed outsiders can observe that both the Republicans and the Democrats are being manipulated by an external force. While they fight, the house is in danger of burning down.

Many believe that Murdoch is a British kingpin in the media, and that the attacks on his empire are attacks on Britain. However, Britain has long controlled or influenced nearly all the Western media, whether those outlets affected by British control know it or not. The sparsity of attacks against Britain in the media confirms this. The British monarchy plays a big role in the Qualas plans, which is why it is so protected by them. But, all things come to an end on the physical level. Another group of Qualas is making their move and are about to challenge the European Qualas' favourite sons and daughters. When they experience “justice” from the upcoming Qualas, their lackeys will fall with them, too.

Truth and justice are threatened as never before. If enough voices rise up and demand truth and justice instead of settling for lies and vengeance, the Qualas' bullies and liars will have no place to hide.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford