Sayonara #11

Global and Outer-Space Spying


Amitakh Stanford

11th July 2011

Britain's scandal ridden tabloid, News of the World, will print its last edition today, according to its owner, Rupert Murdoch. Mired in criminal activities for spying on citizens to scoop news stories, the paper's owner decided to shut down its operations. This happened almost immediately after British Prime Minister, David Cameron, spoke in Parliament and exposed some of the tabloid's more abhorrent activities. The timing of these events is no co-incidence!

On the surface, it appears to be a victory for individual privacy rights. However, the situation is more complicated and goes deeper than what is seen on the surface. The spying network is not confined to the News of the World. Media, banks, corporations, governments and individuals are all suspect, and many are heavily involved with prying into everyone's affairs. Most people are oblivious to the amount of surveillance and spying to which they are subjected. The convenience of credit cards, mobile phones and the internet are obvious prying points. Phone companies, electricity boards, cable companies and satellite connections are all spying outlets. Lifestyles are now so dependent on connectivity that it has become very much like an addiction. Even those people who are aware that they have traded their privacy and liberty for convenience and expediency still habitually use the spy-prone systems. When people completely accept eavesdropping as a part of life, that is the end of privacy.

Spying has become so accepted that there are now perceptions of “good spying” and “bad spying”. Those that the ruling elite seek to shame for it, such as the News of the World, are presented as bad spies. On the other hand, the ruling elite promote Julian Assange as a good spy. In fact, all those who spy are usurping everyone's liberty and privacy. In the end, they are all spying for the ruling elite.

During the Arab Spring, the ruling elite were sending out the message that mobile phones and the internet played a major role in effectively co-ordinating the protests. This might be correct, but it also allowed the ruling elite to collect data on every person capable of swaying the people. Every mobile phone call, every login on the internet, every GPS usage, every bank transaction, every credit card usage, every entry to any data base, every medical appointment, every job application etc. can be recorded and shared with different networks. If desired, the information can be corrupted, edited, deleted or outright created to suit the purposes of the parties accessing the information. This is dangerously real. The spies are everywhere. This is not paranoia. Governments have long encouraged citizens to spy on their family, friends, neighbours and strangers. Today, these spies are encouraged to electronically spy on others for the governments. Even animals have been implanted to keep track of their owners. Nobody can be trusted not to be spying, including those who are well-intending, but are caught up in the spying game.

Changing gears, spying from outer space has been going on for a long, long time. Most humans are unaware of such spying, but some governments are aware of it. However, alien spying does not all originate in outer space. The Earth has been colonised by alien races. Those aliens who have operational bases on the planet have hidden themselves from humans, to avoid being detected by earthlings and the outer-space aliens who monitor things on this planet. The aliens amongst humans hide behind and under human cover.

More obscure than ordinary spying is the use of miniature drones that spy on people and are used as attack mechanisms. It is well known that the United States government is using drone technology, as seen in their large spy and attack drones. What is not so well known is that drone developments are based on alien technology. Aliens have impressed human scientists to develop various technologies, including drone technology. Alien miniature drone technology is also being used by other governments and organisations on Earth. The miniatures can be as small as birds or insects, and look and fly like them, too. When caught, they can self-destruct or dismantle themselves.

The drones used by aliens are much more sophisticated than those they have impressed humans to produce. They are infinitely smaller than the human adaptations. Alien drones can be so tiny as to be invisible or nearly so. The atomic-sized alien drones can attack like vipers and leave large puncture marks, even though they are so minute. Most people cannot see them, but they can detect their activities and see the resulting wounds or feel the effects from them.

The alien spying drones are equipped with sensors, target-recognition technology, micro cameras and micro weapons. This is like a global network of flying spies that are equipped with lethal weapons, mind-control devices and the ability to project holograms. Some of the alien drones can appear as tiny orbs of light, and are luminescent enough to suddenly brighten a room or a field.

Before long, the aliens will have almost total control of the human world via remote control. Then, they will no longer need governments or individual agents to work against their own people; the aliens will have near total mastery of the human race without risking themselves, and will simultaneously be able to hide from outer-space alien opposition – this is one of the options that is available to them. The aliens have many plans. If one fails, another path is taken. The aliens are way ahead of the humans in this regard.

Unbeknownst to humans, there is an administrator that spies on the Earth, like an operator of a world-sized video game. Its partners take notes of major occurrences on the globe. They observe things such as the attempts of Freedom Flotilla Two, and the responses of various countries and authorities towards the attempts to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The administrator can behave like a mad scientist and control individuals or groups at will. Right now, any country that goes for Iran will be targeted by the administrator for its own particular reasons. While the administrator has watched the Palestinian suffering without intervening, it is getting impatient with the bullies. Even though it is a bully itself, it gets bored when the same thing goes on and on. Fortunately, there is one who can face the administrator.

So, even in this physical-appearing world, the virtual reality is becoming more real as the physical aspects of it become more surreal. The reality of collective virtual existence will become more and more apparent as the Virtual Reality collapses more and more. This is not science fiction!

While everything might seem restricted and people have physical limitations, it is very difficult for another to restrict one's internal life unless it is self-imposed.

6639 is not to be trifled with. Come. It is time.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford