Sayonara #10

One World Carbon Despotism


Amitakh Stanford

6th July 2011

Australia is enmeshed in a national debate about emission trading schemes and the implementation of a carbon tax. Queen Elizabeth II has been vigorously pursuing these two issues for many years. This is not surprising, because she has been feeling great pressure to bring both issues to fruition. These issues have tremendous implications for the future of the world, not because of greenhouse gases, global warming or any other environmental factors, but because of the agenda of which they are a part, an agenda that only benefits the ruling elite and their bosses.

Australia was supposed to lead the world with an ETS scheme which the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was to present at the 2009 Copenhagen conference. Mr. Rudd tried to promote the ETS in Australia, but when he saw strong populous resistance to the project, he deferred it to a later date. This led to his political downfall. The ruling elite run the world. They can dictate to royals and other heads of state, and they caused Mr. Rudd to be toppled.

The Queen had Mr. Rudd removed as Prime Minister of Australia. This happened literally overnight. Australians went to bed with Mr. Rudd as their elected Prime Minister and awakened to the news that his deputy, Julia Gillard, had replaced him. Her partner brought a bottle of champagne to the Governor-General's house, and raised it to the television cameras in a euphoric celebratory gesture to acknowledge her victory over Mr. Rudd before the Governor-General had even sworn her in as Prime Minister. Many criticised that overt and grossly inappropriate display by her partner at the time. Gillard only got the nod because she had the Queen's backing, and she was willing to do whatever it would take to become the first female Prime Minister of Australia.

Gillard leads a very unpopular government, which holds power by only the narrowest of margins. In fact, she is perhaps the least popular Prime Minister in Australian history, and were an election held today, many pundits believe that the Labor Party she leads would suffer a devastating defeat. The main reason that she is so reviled is that Australia is trying to recover from severe bushfires, floods, droughts, and economic recession, and her government is working directly against the recovery. The Australian people are doing it hard. Gillard completely ignores the plight of the people as she arrogantly forces the Queen's carbon tax on them. It is as if she is using the same excuse that is so often heard, “I'm only doing my job!” Gillard is giving the Queen and the Governor-General cover, because she will not admit that they have pressured her to force the carbon tax on the Australian people, whom she pledged to faithfully serve.

Recently, Gillard is reported to have said that she is determined to switch from a carbon tax to an emission trading scheme (ETS) as soon as possible. This is the same person who boldly promised before the election that there would be no carbon tax implemented by her government if she were elected. This has the same fallacious ring to it as President Obama's pre-election promise to bring troops home from foreign wars if he was elected. Both have reversed their positions after they were elected.

Gillard is forcing the Queen's carbon tax without regard for the people or the Parliament. It is said that the carbon tax is the “biggest structural change” in Australian economic history. Yet, she defies Parliament by refusing to disclose the carbon pricing plan in open Parliament. She claims that she will only disclose it after the Parliament goes into recess for five weeks! This, again, takes a page from President Obama's book, in which he ordered the bombing of Libya without congressional permission and while Congress was in recess. Do both leaders have the same political advisors?

There is little credible scientific evidence to support scientific divining and foretelling of climatic disasters being linked directly to carbon emissions. A Chicken-Little theory is being rammed down the people's throats, as climate-change alarmists use typical scare-tactic threats of impending disasters to justify what they do not have credible evidence to support. Governments and rulers will use any excuse to justify massive restrictions on the freedom of their citizens. The main thing the carbon tax will do is take money from the people who are already in need. The ruling elite want to financially bankrupt as many people as possible, and the carbon tax is one of their vehicles for doing this. Superficially, it may not appear sinister, but it is really a case of governments working directly against their own people.

People are more likely to accept authoritarian rule when catastrophes occur and when they are impoverished. The ruling elite know this, and so they are planning everything around these things to achieve their agendas. People will experience more “natural” disasters artificially generated by the ruling elite as the recession deepens. Every economist knows that new taxes should be deferred if practicable during a recession, yet Gillard cannot race fast enough to impose the carbon tax that is destined to deepen the nation's recession, and impose further misery on the Australian people.

The ruling elite want to steal every right from every person. If they were to have their way, every person would be enslaved to them. They use many tools to gradually erode individual liberty. The concept of “terrorism” has been used to accelerate the erosion of freedom everywhere. Terrorism has become a licence for countries and alliances to meddle in others' affairs and even to invade certain nations. Likewise, the rulers of nations use the excuse of terrorism to denigrate personal privacy rights and to usurp personal freedoms.

The ETS is another tool the ruling elite are beginning to utilise. The ruling elite will impose all manner of restrictions on lifestyles, travel, business and personal rights in the name of environmental protections. It will not be long before the ETS tool will surpass the effectiveness of terrorism as the biggest usurper of people's liberty. Imagine, for example, having to apply for special permits for every family outing that requires driving a motor vehicle more than 50 kilometres. The list of things for which the ETS can be used in order to steal personal liberties is virtually limitless.

Unless people act now to reclaim their rights that have already been taken by their governments, their governments will continue taking them, and will eventually force them, like sheep to the slaughter, to accept each and every restriction on liberty, until they have none left.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford