Sayonara #9

All Is Near


Amitakh Stanford

6th July 2011

The Red Dragon's nest is in the Eagle's land
Draining its resources, power and liberty
The Dragon's alien parasite number two
Recently touched the Province of Quebec
Collecting energy for its hoard

The Eagle's NA is causing friction
And weakening its mind and spirit
When two nations rise into world powers
The Eagle will wane and go down
While the land of the Lion is crushed

The Boot and its peninsula will be submerged
Florida will be bombarded
And Tunisia will be flattened

When the red rain comes
The sky will turn black
Mountains will tremble
Rivers will clog
New floodplains will be everywhere

Be on the lookout for a sign
Much will follow it
Caves and caverns will collapse
Mines and tunnels will fail
The world will cry and wail

The arrogant Blue Flute is cracking
Its use is nearly over
Soon, it will be discarded
But, nobody will care

The pipes will play loudly
As they stand straight and tall
Wait for awhile
more signs are coming
More is due

Be close to your heart
And you will be near your Maker

All is still
All is quiet
All is ready

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford