Sayonara #8

Breaking the Israeli Blockade


Amitakh Stanford

5th July 2011

Many viewed Hitler's intolerance of Jews as a great injustice and an abomination of the human race. Persecution and execution of any race is an affront to humanity. The ruination of aggressive war is abhorrent. Those who support aggressive wars and persecution in the comfort and safety of their own homes do not care how the world appears from the perspective of the oppressed, the abused, the despised, the tortured, the persecuted, the bullied, the abandoned, the outcast, the hated and the reviled. These are the people who suffer in so many ways due to the injustices inflicted upon them. This is the ghastly, terrible situation that exists in many countries that are affected by aggressive wars and ruled by tyranny. This is the result of meanness and baseness of ugly human traits.

Just as aggressive wars are horrible, so, too, are the wrongs committed by those who block aid to those who are oppressed and persecuted by despots. Silence is complicity. Brave Europeans dared to resist Nazi rule by secreting fugitive Jews. Daring Americans, through an underground railroad, protected runaway slaves from states that would again enslave them. There are times when the law must be broken to protect humanity. Today is such a time.

Rulers use propaganda and fear to justify the imposition of immoral laws. It must be faced that many laws are just plain wrong. They are abhorrent to humanity. Israel has blockaded the Gaza Strip and metaphorically imprisoned 1 1/2 million of its people. For a people who have so recently been subjected to the worst type of abuse tyrants can throw at another race, one has to wonder how the Israelis can possibly do what they are doing to the Palestinians. The persecuted have become the persecutors instead of gaining compassion for the damned. Do they lack instinctive compassion that is so inimical to Nazism?

The blockade conducted by the Israeli government is prolonging the suffering, starvation and persecution of the Gaza inhabitants – men, women and children alike. This is very wrong, but it is legal. The law must be broken. The law is wrong, and the blockade is an aggressive act of war against the inhabitants of Gaza, against its own citizens. It is an act against humanity.

There are some glaring similarities between what is happening to the Palestinians in Israel and what happened to the Jews under Hitler's regime. Many Germans were sickened by what the Nazis did to the Jews, Gypsies, Russians, Poles and others. Today, despite the “Blue Washing” propaganda, there must be many Israeli Jews who are sickened by what their government is doing to the Palestinians, who are their fellow citizens. It has been reported that Israeli organisations, such as Gush Shalom, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), and many others, have openly denounced the intention of blockading aid to Gaza through Freedom Flotilla Two.

Hitler bluntly and openly declared to the world what he was going to do to the Jews. Many people cowardly allowed the Nazis to do their worst against the Jews. They felt they were too weak to contest the Nazi might. Hitler viewed the lives of Jews as worthless. Today, ironically, the Israeli government treats its Palestinian residents as worthless goyim. The government cannot hide what it has done and is continuing to do to its Palestinian people.

While the world looked on, Jewish homes, livelihoods and families were systematically destroyed in Nazi Germany. Now, Palestinian livelihoods, homes and families are deliberately and mercilessly torn apart while the whole world watches. This boosts the bullies in the Israeli government. The biggest bully booster is America, the same government that is attacking Libya under the premise that Colonel Gaddafi is persecuting his own people. There is one rule for one and another rule for another. Why is there no international call for arrests of past and present prime ministers of Israel for the killings and persecution of their own people? Surely there are many, many Israeli Jews who detest what their government is doing to the Palestinians, but their rulers will not listen to their voices.

During Hitler's time, Jewish sympathisers who tried to assist and offer humanitarian aid and escape for the imprisoned Jews were either executed or severely punished. Protesters were branded as conspirators and traitors to Nazi Germany. Presently, those who try to aid the Palestinians are deliberately branded as terrorists, terrorist sympathisers, lawbreakers or enemies of the country. They are severely punished or killed.

Many Jews fled Germany to avoid Hitler's persecution. This similarity is reflected by the many Palestinians who fled Israel. Hitler and his regime planned to liquidate the Jews. The way things are going, many see Israel as determined to eliminate all Palestinians from its borders.

Israel is using many good-intending Jews who have been Blue Washed with propaganda. If they only knew the truth, none would support the Israeli government. Today, the world has become such that liberty is eroded more and more in the name of democracy, but the latter is actually supporting despots. Bravery in fighting a good cause is often seen by rulers as revolt or terrorism. Speaking out necessarily becomes opposition to the despots who rule. Conspiracy and revolt are branded on the insurgents by the oppressors.

Many ships planning to sail with Freedom Flotilla Two have encountered difficulties and sabotage. Most recently, the government of Greece has done all it can to block the sailing of certain vessels determined to sail with the flotilla. Could this be part of the price Greece had to pay for the bailout? It is not surprising that NATO bombs Tripoli and supports the laying of siege to the Gaza Strip by the Israeli government. Even though the blockade is legal in the sense that it was legally implemented by the Israeli government, it is patently wrong and despotic. The law must be broken.

The devaluation of human dignity and life by any government is inhuman and wrong. Totalitarian force against the people is tyranny. Thomas Paine remarked: “I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflections.”

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford