Sayonara #7

Money Money Money


Amitakh Stanford

25th June 2011

The economy is in crisis. The problem is the five-letter, holy word of “money.” Money is part of the universal language. The manipulation of money on the world stage affects everyone's lives. In many ways, there is a financial war being waged against the United States. Those responsible deserve to be brought to justice with the same tenacity that has been utilised in the war against terrorism, but for the sake of the nation that might not be such a good idea. The financial situation is extremely serious, and while the President and the Congress are treating it as important, they are glossing over just how urgent it is.

The people have been persuaded that the highest priority for American security is to fight foreign wars against terrorism, while ignoring the seriousness of the financial crisis at home. The truth is that chasing terrorists around the world is a diversion, and it is putting America at grave risk and in more danger than it has ever before faced.

There is only one logical explanation for the richest and most productive nation on Earth to be facing such financial difficulty. There has to be an enormous crime being committed to steal the wealth of the country. It must be exposed and stopped now.

The crime has permeated the nation with such a despairing energy that most people do not believe that the American economy is on the mend. On the contrary, some fear that it could slide into a depression. Who is going to help bail America out of its financial crisis then?

So many people are unemployed, losing their homes and businesses and feeling powerless, frustrated, and inadequate. The morality of Americans is weakening because they feel powerless and helpless, and have lost their self esteem and confidence. They have lost control over their destinies. Who is responsible? Clearly, it is the Congress. The Congress has irresponsibly taxed the people, wasted the public coffers, allowed the country to fight undeclared wars, and, ultimately, to nearly bankrupt itself. The Congress has to be checked immediately, before it ruins the nation. Once the nation is bankrupt, it will become impotent and powerless to protect its people and itself.

This is not about catching some crooks and making examples of them. It is about honestly fixing a very corrupt system before it destroys the whole nation.

The United States Congress was given the following constitutional dictate:

The Congress shall have power . . . to borrow money . . . to coin money, regulate the value thereof . . .

In 1913, the Congress created the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank, which has primarily determined how much money Congress should borrow, and subsequently printed that money and regulated its value. Since its inception, the Federal Reserve has had a licence to manipulate money matters with absolute immunity from prosecution. Congress has sheltered it from taxation, auditing and investigation, and allowed it to run totally unsupervised and unregulated. The opportunity for the Federal Reserve to commit fraud is certainly wide open and unchecked.

The Federal Reserve has been allowed to debase the currency at will. Therefore, Congress is ultimately responsible for the problem, because it has delegated its authority to the private enterprise known as the Federal Reserve. In exchange for “free” money from the Federal Reserve, Congress has let its creation run the country via fiscal policies. For almost a century, the Federal Reserve has been slowly destroying America's wealth by gradually degrading the currency through inflation, amongst other things.

One of the most noticeable debasing events occurred when the silver content was taken out of coins. Although President Lyndon Johnson assured Americans that silver was being removed from coins for practical reasons, and that such an act would not change the value of the dollar, this promise was quickly broken. Today, a dime coined 50 years ago is worth 20 times that of a dime minted 45 years ago. This is not because 50 year-old dimes have collectable value; it is because of their intrinsic value. Fifty years ago, dimes contained 90 percent silver, and the price of that silver in one dime is over two dollars today. This means that the Congress has debased the American currency by more than 95 percent since removing the silver from the coins. Inflation has ruined many countries; it has toppled regimes, and the Federal Reserve is right on track to destroy America by inflation that has been ongoing not for just the last 50 years, but since 1913.

The current debate includes the position that the debased currency can be propped up by putting the country back on a precious metal standard. While it might temporarily put some intrinsic value in the American dollar, this is not a particularly wise idea, because the technology to transmute base metals into precious ones is just around the corner. After gold and silver prices reach the highest level the ruling elite can practically raise them to, it is the next logical step for them to flood the market with artificial gold and silver that cannot be discerned from the natural elements. When this happens, “transmuted” gold will be as plentiful as brass, and those holding the real metals will have little for their efforts.

There is an urgent and serious need of an investigation of everything the Federal Reserve has done since its inception. It is conceivable that the investigation will reveal a conspiracy to enrich others through the process of debasing the currency. Make no mistake, such an investigation will frighten people in power, who could get very desperate to protect themselves, and it could get very dirty and dangerous.

The Congress really has only one proper course it can follow now. That is, to admit its fault, and accept full responsibility for improperly delegating its authority to coin money and regulate its value. This means that Congress would have to accept that it is fully liable for effectively conducting a financial war against the people of America. It is only then that it could begin to rectify the situation. If Congress will not openly take responsibility for its actions regarding the money of the country, then it will throw the nation into a constitutional crisis that the people will need to address themselves.

Unquestionably, there have been many crimes committed surrounding the American currency, because the richest and most productive nation ever is facing bankruptcy. This could not have happened without unconscionably irresponsible stewardship by the Congress. The situation is dire, but not irreparable. The national debt is in the trillions and trillions of dollars, with no end in sight, as Congress and the President discuss how many more trillions they should borrow. It is such a critical time that, instead of chasing who stole how much money, the American people should offer amnesty for a short time. It must not drag on since the situation is grievous. By offering all those involved (including culpable members of Congress, Federal Reserve governors, those in the Executive and Judicial branches) a chance to come clean about their crimes and misdeeds, the truth can be brought out, and the correction can begin. It is only then that the nation's economy can be healed and revived.

If Congress will not fix the house, then the people need to fix Congress and the rest of the government. Surely, an independent criminal investigation launched against all the activities of the Federal Reserve is long overdue. If Congress will not act, the 50 states should. The state motto of Kentucky is here fitting for this just cause for America: United we stand, divided we fall! All 50 states should unite to fight the financial war that has been waged, facilitated and maintained by the United States Congress since 1913.

The first step the states' investigator should consider is how to shut down the Federal Reserve Bank and seize all of its records and assets, just like any government would do to any private company under similar circumstances. Simultaneously, it could move to freeze all assets of every owner of the bank, and appoint an independent investigator to look into potential financial crimes committed against the American people. This must be a vigorous exercise, not a whitewash of the situation. Even if the Federal Reserve Bank is only an agent and the Congress is the principal . . . certainly, it would not be the entire Congress, but just the bad eggs amongst the Congress that would so conspire!

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford