Sayonara #5

Live Free or Die


Amitakh Stanford

18th June 2011

Over the years, NATO has become the wider European police force, and is now interfering with the domestic affairs of its neighbours. NATO has its sights on moving its presence south and eastward. While it claims to seek democracy for all and to deliver humanitarian aid, its claims evaporate when its allies are brutal tyrants who oppress their people. The double standard is too obvious to miss. Their motives and objectives are hypocritical and insincere. It has become a military bully instead of a just protector. It only protects those that suit its agenda, regardless of whether they are tyrannical or democratic.

The United Nations also has a questionable record. It claims to strive for world peace and justice, but in its wake are homicides, massacres, oppression and destruction. It allows NATO to bully the entire region, and, like NATO, it also meddles in the domestic affairs of smaller or weaker nations. For example, the UN has done almost nothing for the Palestinians as they are subjected to brutal abuse and murderous apartheid in Israel. The issue in Israel is not really a religious issue, but a political one. The West is responsible for the atrocities in Israel. Had the West not been encouraging the Israeli government's strategies and tactics, it would have been forced into being reasonable to its Palestinian residents. The people of Israel would have solved their problems had they been left to their own devices.

The UN has failed to provide world peace. While there has not been another world war since its inception, the planet has been overrun with wars since 1945. Far too often force is applied. Those who are sanctioned by either NATO or the UN are on notice that either group could invade them at any time and force them into submission. When there is war, the people suffer; when there are sanctions, the people suffer. What is so different from the olden times when barbarians plundered and imposed their will by force?

In the 1930s, the world was in a very similar situation to the one it faces today. There was a long-standing, world-wide depression, Europe and America were struggling financially, Britain was distracted by royal affairs, and the strongest military force was swallowing up chunks of the European continent whilst being appeased by others. The world leaders tried to solve the depression with deficit spending which was wholly ineffective. As war erupted in Europe and Asia, the American people were very reluctant participants, until the opportunity arose for President Franklin Roosevelt, who is famous for his call of America being the “arsenal for democracy,” to lead America into WWII. The opportunity, of course, was the attack on Pearl Harbour.

The impact of America's involvement in global conflicts is varied and complex. Let us not forget that it was FDR's cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt, who pushed America towards global imperialism, and strongly influenced it to enter WWI during the waning stages of that war. Even today, many Asian countries are so affected by American imperialism that they often shout, “Yankee, go home!” Today, Americans are quietly held in contempt in many countries because of the congressional and presidential policies of warring around the world. Unfortunately, the American people cop it for their rulers' abuse and aggression towards others. The American people cannot understand why people are so ungrateful towards them. By and large, the American people would not want to abuse others, and they are kept ignorant of governmental abuses of others; their government abuses others in their name.

Today, circumstances are a little different from what they were in the first half of the twentieth century, but not really much different. There is a long-standing global recession that world leaders have tried to remedy with huge deficit spending, and the stimulus spending has been largely ineffective. Great Britain is obsessed with the royals and has tried to bring the world into the affairs of Buckingham Palace. The “Pearl Harbour” event occurred on September 11, 2001, which happened before the recession began. The recession was so deep that nearly every nation went into deep deficit spending, and, before long, the whole world was in financial crisis. This was by design!

After 9/11, the “war” on terrorism went into full swing. For ten years, the American government has left a gaping hole in the heart of New York's financial centre to continually remind its people of the terrorist attack. The hole is what is left of the Twin Towers after 9/11, which is now a major tourist attraction in the city. Co-incidentally, the gaping hole spurs the American people to support the American government's wars.

The world's economy is now critical, and, co-incidentally, NATO has replaced the Axis-powers alliance of the 1930s and begun its relentless march. NATO is mostly being appeased as it ruthlessly drives its war machine into North Africa and the Middle East. Just like in the 1930s, France and Britain are trying desperately to involve America. President Obama appeared to be a reluctant participant in Libya, but he is now fully dedicated to the battle whilst ignoring his Congress. France and Britain are calling for war against Syria for supposed human rights abuses. It is worth mentioning that 120 Syrian troops were killed in a single attack. This had to be organised from outside of Syria as a pretext for bringing in “humanitarian” aid. Predictably, France and Britain are trying to drag America into Syria to do the dirty job and further soil its name. The problem for the American government, which certainly wants to lead the way for NATO, is that its people have had their stomach full of wars since 9/11.

Certainly, France and Britain do not care a wit about Israeli abuses and killings of Palestinians. Those are not worthy of “humanitarian” support by France and Britain. They know that Israel is their main military base for their planned Middle East aggression. Israel knows it too!

Many people think that the United States drives NATO. This is naïve. The drivers are not France and Britain either. The drivers are the Qualas. Today, they are directing the march across Europe just as they did in the 1930s. Little do the Qualas suspect that another group is approaching that is far more powerful than them, and much more brutal. What will they do then?

Neither the UN nor NATO are right just because they are strong. The balance of power in the world is heavily tipped in their favour. To avoid a third world war, the power needs to be more balanced. This is the only way to deter NATO from marching east and south across the globe in the name of peace, prosperity and democracy. NATO is run by a few voices who dictate to the members and the world. Contrary to its claims, NATO HAS BECOME A SELF-PROCLAIMED DICTATOR. To counteract NATO's unwavering conquest, another alliance of nations needs to arise, an alliance that can stand up to the UN and to NATO. This independent alliance should not need either UN or NATO approval. It is only when NATO is worried about consequences for its actions that it will curtail its pretentious and self-righteous drive. Indeed, a new alliance will be born.

This alliance should have the goal of upholding world peace. The stronger the alliance, the more it will deter NATO. It is imperative that the new alliance not be an aggressor of its neighbours, or a bully to anyone. It should act without nefarious, hidden agendas; it should act as a deterrent, not as an instigator or an oppressor.

As consideration of why the alliance needs to be formed, one need only look to the Libyan issue, which shows that NATO wants to grab power over that nation. The excuse of the military invasion being a humanitarian exercise is ludicrous. If Colonel Gaddafi is toppled, who will be next? It is obvious that Syria is its preferred next target, and after Syria, what country would follow? There are many wicked tyrants in the world.

When President Obama bypassed Congress and the Constitution to respond to Britain's pleas for America to join yet another NATO war, the President was raising his hand in support of the Union Jack's war, which was seconded by France. Are the people of France and Great Britain behind their leaders, or are their leaders forcing their will upon their constituents? Joining NATO's war without permission from Congress demonstrates an allegiance to America's allies instead of to the people and the Constitution.

A recent suggestion that command decisions of the armed forces of America should be delegated to the CIA is a frightening and chilling thought. It would seem that America's enemies have come up with this proposal, and they have floated it in the media to test the response to it. The CIA is so secretive, and so often wrong, that it would be incompetent to lead a free state's armed forces. Worse still, is the CIA really under American command, or has it pledged its allegiance to another power?

When NATO likes someone, it does not matter whether that group is in power, or is an insurgent group. NATO will support the party it likes, even if the party is brutally tyrannical or hopelessly corrupt. On the other hand, if the party in power is disliked by NATO for whatever reason, the government will be criticised, sanctioned, quashed and invaded if necessary to remove it from power. The reality is that NATO is a destabilising agent. Due to its bullying, most nations submit to NATO. This is offensive.

The rights of people are disintegrating. This is happening worldwide. Member states of NATO are some of the biggest offenders of human-rights deterioration. For example, in America, even with an express bill of rights protecting the fundamental rights of the people from the government, the government is systematically removing their rights to free speech and privacy. Although the American Constitution demands that search warrants be based on probable cause, the Patriot Act has allowed the police to write their own search warrants. At airports, even infant travellers are groped without a wisp of probable cause. People are forced into body scans and metal detectors without probable cause. Six weeks after 9/11, the Patriot Act was enacted, and American rights have been on a steep, downward slide ever since. The stripping of rights after 9/11 was not limited to America. It has become a worldwide battle cry against the rights of people around the world.

Australia is headed by Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, and therefore is a subject nation of NATO member Great Britain. A few weeks after the Port Arthur “lone-gunman” mass-murder shooting (which happened prior to 9/11) was supposedly committed by a single man with an IQ of 66, who shot and killed 35 people in a manner in which very few, if any, trained commandos could have done, the Australian government was able to severely restrict gun ownership.

The more rights governments and alliances take from people, the bolder they become in seizing more rights and more power. They see themselves as entitled to the rights of others, and they have insatiable appetites for bullying.

The people of every nation need to protect their rights from foes foreign and domestic. If they do not, they will assuredly lose all of them over time. The rights of people are eroding very fast. There is not that much time to re-claim their natural rights that have been unlawfully taken from them.

American states are being overrun by the federal government. There are many that have a state motto to reflect liberty. New Hampshire's is: “Live free or die.” Virginia's is: “Thus always to tyrants.” Massachusetts' is: “By the sword we seek peace, but only under liberty.” Delaware's is: “Liberty and independence.” Kentucky's is: “United we stand, divided we fall.” Pennsylvania's is: “Virtue, liberty and independence.” Alabama's is: “We dare defend our rights.” Liberty has eroded in every one of these states. The motto of liberty is being quashed.

If the Qualas want to spread war, they can create another unthinkable event, like Pearl Harbour or the Twin Towers. It is just such a horrible event that Americans should brace and prepare for – not by stealing citizen's rights – but by steeling themselves against such mayhem so as not to play into the Qualas' hands and help drive NATO in a world conquest mission.

A new weapon is taking aim and
An unseen force is waiting to pounce
If certain steps are not taken
Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts
Could vanish from the map

A new alliance will emerge to counteract
The Great Hawk's grasp
An unworldly third force will appear
That will threaten humanity
Humans should unite instead of slaughtering each other

Tarra-ha-tikas take heart
Be patient
Waiting to retrieve just one more
Then, ship ahoy
We are headed home

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford