Sayonara #4

Overcoming the Bi-daar Mind-Influence


Amitakh Stanford

16th June 2011

Scientists try to make sense of many things that happen to people based on their so-called scientific methods, which are often based on unprovable or unproven theories. Relying on their traditional methods, most regard occurrences such as out-of-body and near-death experiences as merely aberrations of chemistry in the brain. In truth, it is more than that.

Scientists and non-scientists have grappled with questions about the human mind, of which scientists still know very little regarding how it actually works or what happens to one's memory and mind-consciousness when one dies.

Researchers have weighed brains, broken down their chemical composition, determined that they function like the most complex computing system imaginable, and identified a fluid in which they float, yet, their knowledge of the brain is very superficial. They surmise, among other things, that the pre-frontal cortex, regarded by them as the most complex and the newest part of the human brain, evolved after the extinction of Homo erectus, some 300,000 years ago, which statement alone is based upon theory upon theory upon theory. It is worth considering that only a few centuries ago, most scientists ascribed to the 6,000 year-old Earth theory, but today, they estimate that the Earth is billions of years old.

Scientists claim that the average human brain weighs about 1.4 kg, with 80% being water. Most scientists accept that the human brain is the most complex computer ever to exist. It computes and stores information and functions in a complex way, which is mostly beyond human comprehension. Something they call cerebrospinal fluid keeps the fragile and heavy brain floating inside a person's head. It is believed that the size of the brain does not necessarily correlate with intelligence. These are some of the things that science has explored about the brain. Clearly, the human brain is a very intricate and vitally important part of human existence.

To get an idea of how it functions, consider that it comprises two main components, separate and apart from one another. By synergy, they interact and integrate with each other. The first part is the organ known as the brain, which, for purposes of this discussion, will be referred to as the “brain.” The subtle and physically imperceptible portion will be called the “mind.”

The mind is not unlike a spirit or consciousness in the body. It is usually near the brain, but it can project itself in other parts of the body, such as the heart, the eyes or any other part of the body. The mind that is being discussed is the part of a human that survives physical death. Obviously, the physical brain does not survive death.

The human brain has gone through various stages of “perfection.” If we are to allow ourselves to understand it in a way totally foreign to what scientists say the brain is, we can begin by preparing ourselves with open minds and accepting that the mechanism was artificially created and has been artificially developed into its present state. The brain is very much an organic computer. What is difficult for many to comprehend is that it was developed by intelligent beings working on the “perfect” engine to drive the organic bodies that they had also artificially developed.

If one can begin to accept that the entire universe resides in an artificially created Virtual Reality, then the idea that bodies and brains have been artificially developed to function within their artificial environment begins to make sense. Even now, our Earth scientists have developed artificial organs, such as hearts and lungs. These are prototypes in the preliminary stages, and if scientists are allowed to progress, they will develop better models, which will eventually be able to be used as spare parts for the body and brain. The next step would be to build an entire organic unit, capable of reproducing itself. When that happens, the finished product will be used to replace Homo sapiens. Hence, it would appear that humans are building their next generation of better perfected humans. But are they really doing it themselves, or are Homo sapiens being directed or inspired by alien intelligence to exterminate themselves and bring in a newer model of human slaves to serve their alien masters?

The human mind is vulnerable to manipulation by other minds. Some minds can be submissive whilst others are oppressive. Minds can be influenced by external or internal factors. When one considers that human bodies and brains are self-reproducing androids, then it is easier to understand how they can be directed via remote control mechanisms.

The physical brain is very much tied to the physical realm, and it is prone to follow its instructions. However, humans are far more complicated. The alien beings are working on perfecting artificial consciousnesses, which are absolutely different to brains.

Basically, there are two different types of consciousnesses. One type comes from the Divine, the other type is artificially created. The consciousness in a body is not the brain. When one dies, the physical brain and the body die, but the consciousness continues in another manner. All human bodies and brains are artificial. The real distinction between them is in the type of consciousness that drives the body. In humans, there are some bodies driven by artificial consciousnesses. For all intents and purposes, these are organic robots. There are other bodies which are driven by true consciousnesses, which were not artificially created. In some cases, there are bodies driven by both types of consciousnesses in the same body. Hence, humans are not at all what most people think they are, nor are they so simple to be described as earthly evolved beings.

The brain can be manipulated to a great extent by impressions made upon it. All of the five senses have an input path to the brain. Any of these senses or any combination of them can be used to manipulate the brain to the point of what is referred to as brainwashing or mind control. There are also paths to impact and influence someone's brain at frequencies beyond what the five senses can perceive. There are entities that can enter a human brain to alter and meddle with it to bring about certain effects. Currently, there are unethical people on Earth who are experimenting with this type of brain manipulation in humans and animals.

Even though little is known about the brain, most scientists, psychologists and others are quick to judge what are acceptable perceptions and what perceptions are abnormal. Those that are deemed abnormal are often categorised as hallucinations, mental illnesses, or some form of trickery of the brain. Therefore, these sceptical people often claim that UFO sightings, paranormal phenomena such as ghost sightings etc. are individual or mass trickery events. Having said that, it is possible for the brain to be tricked.

There are many ways that brains can be tricked, which in turn can cause various things to manifest. For instance, mirages and optical illusions can distort visual senses. On the auditory level, a change in a sound that is perceivable, or a change in a frequency that is inaudible to most humans, can cause any number of instantaneous emotions, such as anxiety, fear or depression, for no apparent reason at all.

These frequency bombardments are being used widely to affect the health and minds of people everywhere. Individuals have been targeted by sound frequencies and other methods to alter their behaviour and state of mind. These attacks have caused their victims to do things they otherwise would not have done. Sleepy energy can be directed at people to bring about sudden, uncontrollable sleepiness. Indecent and perverted behaviours can be triggered in some by certain frequencies. Aggressive behaviour can be programmed into people to turn them into mass killers, such as in some of the lone-gunman incidents.

False memories, implanted memories, selective memories and images can be beamed onto parts of the brain to bring about desired results in the victims. Images can be intentionally or unintentionally projected onto parts of the brain, causing memories to be masked or altered, although science has different opinions when these things occur. Trauma can sometimes affect memories also, but these effects are different to those purposely targeted at a person.

An area medical science closely associates with the brain is mental illness. Dissociative identity disorder (DID), formally known as multiple personality disorder, often stigmatises a person as having a mental illness. DID and schizophrenia are viewed by medical science as symptoms of mental illness. Medical practitioners are quick to judge and distinguish schizophrenia and DID thus: According to these scientists, schizophrenics actually hear the unreal voices they supposedly hallucinate as coming from outside of their heads, the way you would hear someone talking to you, that is, as coming from externally imagined sources. On the other hand, those diagnosed with DID are said to hear voices inside of their heads. The threshold question should be: Are these people hallucinating when they report hearing voices, or are they actually receiving telepathic messages or hearing voices from an external source? Telepathic messages are always floating about like a thought language. They can originate anywhere in this world or another, whether they are “heard” or not. One could pick up a telepathic message from just about anywhere around the globe, or from another realm. The telepathic communication can come from deceased or living persons, plants, minerals or animals.

Voices coming from inside or outside of one's head can be very real and valid. There are many people who are born with clairaudience who do not suffer from any mental illness. They have extra-sensory perception (they can hear things that are not contained in the physical auditory scale). However, these are not to be confused with people who have extraordinary physical hearing capability, and can hear frequencies beyond the normal human hearing range.

Further, voices can arise when there is a possession of a body by a discarnate being who has meddled with brain function and the subtle bodies. People can be temporarily partially possessed without even knowing it. The possessor can be a discarnate being, or a living person who is manipulating the frequency of the brain of the victim. This is happening more and more these days. Some governments are using mind control as a weapon of war.

From a different perspective, the brain is an entity capable of perceiving many different realities. One of these realities is associated with ghost sightings. Many people believe in the existence of ghosts. These days, the ghost hunters try to use scientific apparatus to detect the existence of ghosts. If the scientific tools cannot prove a ghost's existence, the sceptics say that there is no ghost. Regardless of sceptics' denials, ghosts exist, and can be seen, heard, felt or smelled by some people at certain times. Even full conversations have been held with ghosts. These can all occur due to frequency manipulation and interaction on the brain and the mind. Some people are more sensitive to it than others because of differences in their make-up and other factors.

Many people have reported experiencing coldness or chills when encountering ghosts. It is said that the coldness is due to the ghost taking out energy/warmth in order to manifest, which consequently creates a coldness in the environment. This is not necessarily the case, because there are ghosts that appear without causing coldness. There are some ghosts that can appear as solid as a physical living person. However, the coldness usually happens when the ghost passes through a “cold” zone. These are often the ones known as “lost souls.” Ghost communication has more to do with the linkage of two minds rather than the brain, because the discarnate no longer has a brain to connect with, although it still has its consciousness.

Among other areas of interest, sleep is one of the great unsolved mysteries confronting scientists who are fascinated by the human brain/mind. They do not understand why sleep and death are hard-wired into all living creatures. Sleep, in particular, is more than the shutting down of active brain processes, as is commonly believed. They do not know why a conscious person becomes unconscious for hours every time they sleep.

One observable aspect of sleep is rapid eye movement, which scientists refer to as “REM.” We are told that in REM sleep, one's eyes move rapidly from left to right and up and down, so that although one is sleeping, one's brainwaves look almost as they would if one were awake. It is believed that normally during a REM state, all mammals essentially experience a paralysis like effect. However, there are those in the world who can enter a REM state whilst fully alert and in full control of their muscles. It is a heightened state of awareness in which many things can happen beyond normal understanding.

Indeed, the mind is capable of many unimaginable things. Ultimately, only the consciousness can escape the Virtual Reality and do away with the imposition of death and the entire physical plane. There are still forms of birth-and-death in the astral world, which many people mistakenly believe to be Heaven. The endless cycle of birth-and-death continues in this Virtual Reality. Only the true mind-consciousness can eventually escape from the Virtual Reality.

Apart from all the experimentation with mind manipulation and programming conducted by physical beings in this world, there is an overbearing force influencing the human actions. It is a mind energy that is far above any alien or human intelligence and advancements. This energy force has wiped out alien intelligence in the past. The one now affecting this physical realm is the Bi-daar energy consciousness that manifests as a mass controlling force behind all the other nefarious forces.

Of paramount importance and urgency is the reality of global bombardment by the Bi-daar energy, which is causing deeply embedded mind-influence on inhabitants of the Earth. This energy creates a group mind-consciousness on the planet. The Bi-daar energy is a more recent imposition on the Earth. During the time of Jesus, people were subjected to the Tar-go-ross influence. The group consciousness created by the Ta-go-ross programming energy was more earthly directed and religiously orientated. This would tend to make the people more earthbound in their thinking and behaviour. By contrast, those under the Bi-daar influence are prone to animalism, hedonism, nihilism and outer space focus.

People who are severely affected by the Bi-daar energy can be living like two different people. The energy can affect them suddenly, without any notice or reason. It can last for short or long durations. Many examples are available today of people who have gone off the rails. The victims can be celebrities, politicians, corporate presidents, and just about anyone. Those who are famous make bigger headlines for the media and can be more easily identified. The real danger is that these behaviours that are occurring en masse in the population could eventually be accepted as “normal” behaviour, and it could eventually re-shape a new global culture with shockingly perverse characteristics.

Occurrences such as when an air traffic controller falls asleep on the job, or a police officer becomes savagely brutal, do not seem inter-connected, until it is realised that both of them can be victims of the effects of beaming of frequencies at them. This does not exonerate their behaviour, but explains what is going on in this world. However, victims of the Bi-daar energy can express in many, many ways. It affects the mind-set of individuals and groups far deeper than the experimental mind manipulation conducted by humans and aliens.

The following is only a partial list of effects from Bi-daar mind-influence. Victims can evidence: fraudulent and violent criminal behaviour; suicidal thoughts and expressions; debilitating thoughts and behaviours; sudden depressive or despairing feelings; destructive and demonic activities; warmongering; insatiable sexual appetites; impulsive, compulsive and obsessive behaviours; deviant desires; greed; bullying tendencies; uncontrolled indulgences; and many other behaviours influenced by deep-mind programming by the Bi-daar consciousness, which are often totally out of character for the victims, and which can come on suddenly.

These can affect individuals or groups. Single employees, whole work forces, managers, presidents, boards of directors, entire companies, and whole industries can be affected by the energy. Religious believers can also be affected. Members of the police, military and judicial systems can be affected. Members of Parliament, opposition parties, governments, heads of state, nations, regions and national alliances can be affected in their decision making and their actions. In short, anyone is vulnerable, and the situation is getting worse.

The conventional analysis of these diverse behavioural disturbances will usually be rationalised by the experts. The treatment will invariably involve some combination of medical attention, emotional counselling, and perhaps medication. These will not solve the problem. The problem is that, beyond all the malicious mind control programmes on the planet, there is one extremely powerful mind imposing its will on the world. To overcome the Bi-daar deep mind-influence one needs to be aware of its influence and existence, and be ever alert to resist it and strive towards de-programming one's brain, mind and heart.

The Light is in the process of breaking down the Bi-daar deep programming. The mind can be corrupted or cleansed, depending on what type of energies surround it. A corrupted mind can corrupt the heart, but a pure heart can heal a corrupted mind. When one's Will is strong, it can resist even the Bi-daar influence. This is why it is so important to hold onto one's Will. It is still the best way to empower and defend oneself.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford