Sayonara #2

The Palestinian Declaration of Independence


Amitakh Stanford

25th May 2011

Last Thursday, President Obama endorsed an independent nation of Palestine by stating that:

The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognised borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.

This immediately created an uproar in Israel and with its pro-Israeli lobby, which put so much pressure on Obama and the United States that, three days later, he reversed his position and stated that: “No vote at the United Nations will ever create an independent Palestinian state. The United States will stand up against efforts to single Israel out at the United Nations or in any international forum.”

It is interesting that the timing of Obama's sudden change of position coincided with his tour of Great Britain. Let us not forget that it was British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who first declared that there should be war against Libya, and that Obama initially appeared to be reluctant to participate in the British-initiated war.

The ruling elite's media have convinced most of the world that the United States is the chief sponsor and supporter of the nation of Israel. In fact, Britain spawned the state of Israel. There are a lot of complexities involved. In an effort to simplify some of the intricacies, consider that London has long been the headquarters for the European Qualas. Near the turn of the twentieth century, the London boss corrupted the United States sufficiently to be able to assign it responsibility for many of the Qualas' imperialistic designs. Over many years, under the banner of the arsenal for democracy, America became the front-nation for the London boss, and was eventually elevated to the status of the world's only superpower. However, much of America's power is illusory, because the ultimate power rests with its master.

Although the British Olcar has influence over the Sovereign, he, too, must answer to the Qualas. The Qualas control everything in Europe, even though there is in-fighting amongst them. The European Qualas have their eyes on taking over political control of the entire world.

A critical part of the Qualas plan for world domination is to temporarily maintain the artificially-created nation of Israel for its own benefits. To maintain the state of Israel, the Qualas have bribed, threatened, deceived and coerced many leaders into supporting and maintaining the so-called stabilising factor of the Middle East. “Stability,” according to the Qualas, means to do whatever it takes to keep Israel intact. This means that any and all means are acceptable to destabilise any country that threatens their plan.

With all this in mind, Obama's sudden turnaround regarding a sovereign Palestine becomes clearer. The Israeli lobby is a puppet for the Qualas, even though it answers to an underling of the Qualas.

Palestine will become an independent state, but it will not happen through any negotiated peace talks because those talks are only political drivel. No matter how intense and sincere the mediators and negotiators appear to be, it was never intended to succeed. If ever there were anyone who really wanted to create a peaceful solution, the Qualas would have quashed them anyway.

Whether the United Nations ever recognises an independent state of Palestine is irrelevant to the latter's independence from Israel. Likewise, it is irrelevant whether Israel or the United States recognise Palestine. It must be realised that there will not be a peace-negotiated solution. Israel has to accept the fact that the Palestinians have the right to realise their own potential as a Palestinian nation. Neither people have the right to abuse the other.

Without the Qualas divide-and-conquer energy, Jews and Palestinians could peacefully co-exist. But, the Qualas are ruthless. They are not really humans. They stir the conflict for their own nefarious purposes. They do not care how many are killed in the process. To them, these are just fodder.

Palestine does not need anyone's approval to declare its own independence. The United States of America did this in 1776, and the Declaration of Independence could serve as an ideal model for the Palestinian people. Surely the Palestinians have more reasons to declare their independence from Israel today than did the American Colonists in the eighteenth century, when they escaped the tyranny of Britain's George III and his Parliament. The Palestinians have every right to declare their independence and seek foreign supporters.

As ridiculous as it might sound, if America is really concerned about the plight and safety of Israeli Jews, it could open its borders to mass immigration, or provide some portion of its territory for an alternative independent Jewish nation state. This offer would necessarily interfere with centuries of Qualas build up of their religious cults to force a supposed battle of Armageddon in the Middle East. Alternatively, and more appropriately, since London is the architect of twentieth-century Israel, it could open its borders for mass Israeli Jewish immigrants, or donate enough of its territory to establish an alternative Jewish state. Either plan would make it safer for everyone.

The people are suffering because of their leaders and rulers. Jews, Christians and Muslims have been put through agony because of corrupt and abusive leaders. Both Jews and Palestinians have their rights. Both should be treated equally. All their lives should be regarded equally. But, if their leaders will not let them live peacefully together, then there must be a permanent separation.

Israel is being used by the Qualas. In fact, there will come a day when Israel will have to stand on its own. It will be abandoned by the Qualas, and it will be surrounded by all those with whom it has made war on the Qualas' behalf. Israel's only pragmatic chance of survival is to stand with its geographic neighbours instead of with the Qualas.

The following is what I wrote in 2009 about Palestinian independence from Israel:

In order to allow a chance for peace in the Middle East, something has to give. Wars will not bring an end to it, as they have been going on for centuries with no resolution. Negotiations and mediations between the parties have not worked either.

The two peoples cannot continue to be forced to live together in the contrived single state of Israel. THEY NEED TO BE PERMANENTLY SEPARATED. A new state needs to be formed for the Palestinian occupants of Israel. The only practical solution is to have the new state created with continuous borders and a sea port.

The Gaza Strip is already populated by Palestinians, and it has a sea port. The West Bank is also populated with many Palestinians, so the two should be connected with land. This means that there should be no reason for a citizen of the new Palestinian state to have to cross into Israel to reach some part of his or her country. Likewise, there should be no reason for Israelis to need to cross the Palestinian borders to reach any part of Israel. This will eliminate much of the friction at the borders.

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for Palestine to echo the sentiments of the Declaration of Independence . . . it will be done.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford