Sayonara #1

Just Doing Their Job


Amitakh Stanford

15th May 2011

Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, ostensibly for his efforts in ending the Cold War and breaking up the Soviet Union. Not surprisingly, there have been a lot of regional wars since then. But, he is only doing his job! The ruling elite create and award Peace Prizes to bribe, reward and glorify their recipients while antagonising their opponents.

President Barak Obama was also given the Peace Prize upon coming into office, and before he had done anything to warrant the distinction. Yet, he has five wars going on, including “his” new war in Libya, which Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, really instigated and started. But, they are only doing their job!

There is no credible denial of many deliberate attempts by America to kill Colonel Gadaffi. Further, Obama has proudly announced that he ordered the team of assassins to go into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. Alas, he is only doing his job! Whether it was really Osama bin Laden, or somebody else who was killed, the operation amounts to a military invasion of a sovereign state. It is wrong and arrogant to think that a world power can justify assassinations which, if they had been committed by a lesser power, would be deemed to be acts of terrorism. This boastful assassination is unexpected from America, which purports to have a proud tradition of progress on human rights; the action actually challenges its status as a civilised nation. So, peace prizes are really war prizes after all. At least when Congress decorates the Navy Seals for their “courageous” actions, they will call them war medals and avoid that hypocrisy. Perhaps the ruling elite should create another peace prize for the most brazen bully and name it the Most Honourable Defender of Human Rights!

Pakistan's official government and Queen Elizabeth II have condoned the surprise incursion into Pakistan by not strenuously objecting to the invasive mission. Pakistan's government should have been outraged, yet it is relatively complacent; Pakistan is protecting gloating foreign assassins who brutally, openly, and boldly killed people on their soil. The Queen is the head of the Commonwealth, of which Pakistan is a member, and becomes tacitly complicit, at least after the fact, by not protesting the killing spree.

Britain has been very quiet about Obama's assassins that were sent into Pakistan. One would have thought they would be insulted to have a Commonwealth country's sovereignty so disrespectfully violated by America. Could it be that Britain gave its mercenary agents (US Navy Seals) a free pass to commit mayhem and murder in “independent” Pakistan, which is what they also did in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, with complete deniability and immunity? One can infer that US forces have been granted absolute immunity in Commonwealth nations. This is analogous to the Gestapo actions in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Julian Assange, of Wikileaks fame, has just been awarded the Sydney Peace Prize by the Sydney Peace Foundation in Australia, to honour him for supposed humanitarian efforts. This award was given to a person who is being investigated for alleged sexual assaults in Sweden. Many believe that the Sydney Peace Prize is tarnished by being presented under such circumstances. Further, the award has only previously been presented to the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Daisaku Ikeda. Some people are annoyed that Assange is being compared to these people, which has the effect of derogating them and undermining their work. Assange is free on bail in Great Britain where he is reported to be fighting extradition to Sweden. His defence is supposed to centre around the plea that Swedish courts are so feminist orientated that they cannot be fair to him on these charges.

While facing these allegations, Assange does not appear at all concerned as he smugly gives regular press conferences. Up to this point, at least, he has been under the protection of the ruling elite while he is in Great Britain. The ruling elite are using their media to try to mitigate Assange's actions and to muster public support for him. If Assange were a Muslim, just imagine how severely the ruling elite's media would be persecuting him and trying to link him to September 11 or terrorist activities. But, the media are just doing their job!

For now, the ruling elite are spending resources and using their machines to orchestrate publicity in support of Assange. The ruling elite is presently working to manufacture Assange into a hero. At this point, the ruling elite still want to protect Assange, but they could change their position tomorrow. As long as Assange is still useful to them, he will be under their protection. Their Sydney Peace Foundation award is clearly politically motivated to try to circumvent the Swedish judicial system, while ignoring the plight of the alleged victims of Assange's behaviour.

A word of caution is advisable. The changeover from the old British Olcar to the new will be completed by the end of this month. The ruling elite can smash anyone they target. For instance, on the esoteric level, the Red Tomato faces the same potential for crushing by the same source supporting Assange, yet mistakenly accepts their media as friends.

Assange was given the medal for leaking thousands of stolen confidential government documents to the world. Most of these were embarrassing to the United States. The main purpose behind the releases was to cause friction in the world, and not in any way for the honourable purpose of promoting peace or human rights. It is meant to divide and stir the world against the United States to take suspicion away from the real source. But, Assange is only doing his job!

The Qualas have long planned to prop up, then dismantle, America, and this recent activity is just one step on the path to take America down in its now weakened state. Nobody could have acquired and released all those secret documents without ruling elite sponsorship. Assange acquired and released the documents believing he would be protected by Great Britain, which he has been to date. Indeed, he has a lot of ruling elite protection, especially in Great Britain, which is trying to stir the world against the United States to take suspicion away from the source.

Great Britain has a long history of trying to divide and conquer the United States since the American Revolution of 1776. The Assange releases are just a 21st century version of over two hundred years of animosity towards America. This is not to excuse America from its own actions. America has done many horrible things around the world.

The United States should now know that it cannot rely on any intelligence information coming from the United Kingdom; they have been tricked many other times before, such as with the alleged weapons of mass destruction that were reported to have been in Iraq. The only logical explanation is that Assange is working for British intelligence, whether he knows it or not. But, Assange is only doing his job! The way they recruit and indoctrinate people is so effective that the people involved in their schemes get caught up in the plans, and eventually believe them to be their own aspirations and responsibilities, and unwittingly take on the battles for their recruiters. This is why they can be so zealous and confident.

Britain has a very small military, but it is manipulating huge forces around the world, especially in its Commonwealth. Britain conquers absolutely when it can, and, when it cannot, it divides and eventually conquers or controls. Some of the conquests are irregular, and many are so complex and hidden that they are not apparent to most observers. One of the more apparent divide and conquer situations is the division of Ireland into north and south. Not so apparent is the segregation of Palestinians and Jews in Israel. The British knew that the Palestinians would flee the land and that Jews would move into the newly-created state. Refugee creation is part of the British plan to divide and conquer. It is undeniable that Israel is a divided country, forever in conflict, which causes a lot of turmoil and suffering in the region, and which has created a huge throng of Palestinian refugees. How many Commonwealth countries are now facing refugee difficulties?

Another distinctly British division was done in India. The whole sub-continent was under British rule when it was pieced off into the “independent” nations then known as East and West Pakistan, with India in the middle. This division was done on religious grounds, creating the primarily Sikh and Hindu India and primarily Muslim East and West Pakistan. This guarantees endless conflict on the sub-continent. It also created massive refugee movements, with Sikhs and Hindus fleeing both Pakistans into India, and Muslims fleeing from India into either East or West Pakistan. This has all the earmarks of British divide and conquer.

Wherever the British have been, they have set up intricate spy networks. These are in the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Europe, America, and certainly in all of the Commonwealth countries. They know more about what is going on in the world than anyone else. At present, the British influence in America is vast, yet often disguised.

Britain has tried to divide and conquer the USA many different times. During the Revolutionary War, it hired Hessian mercenaries to do its fighting, and gave them immunity to murder and commit mayhem in America. It also turned American General Benedict Arnold with bribes, and almost won the war with that incident alone. After the war, it hired Aaron Burr to conspire against the new country, and used its influence to prevent Burr from being convicted of treason. Britain instigated the move by the southern states to secede from the Union, and supported them throughout the Civil War. The list of divide and conquer events is lengthy . . . Today, it has tricked America into fighting its wars and into closing off American borders to Canada and Mexico. Wherever one sees artificially walled off cities or countries, Britain should be suspected; this is decidedly a British trait, however, there can be copycat walling.

We live in a world that is prone to build all kinds of barriers everywhere. People on the whole have drifted from spirituality. They have allowed their religions to be fractionalised, which has opened doors for internal and external manipulation and control of their faith. This has occurred in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other faiths. The horror of divide and conquer, when used against religions and beliefs, is that it has polluted positive messages with hateful corruption. These days, many are afraid of being involved with moral problems that are associated with politics or religions, for fear of political, social or religious recriminations. It does not have to be that way.

Government censorship will intensify around the world. This will bring about more violent unrest, protests and riots. The legitimacy of protests can bring about the conditions and impetus necessary for revolution. Worldly power corrupts. Faith, too, can be corrupted, especially when it chases after money, politics or revenge. When a nation believes that God is using their country for moral and political emancipation of the world, it can lead to dangerously righteous hypocritical endeavours.

The awakening of the Muslims has assisted in giving a new voice and new strength to the Middle East. The bullies are feeling the threat of a united Muslim world. As long as the bullies can keep Muslims divided, they believe they can enslave them totally.

The world is entering a very dangerous time. If only people would seek peace with one another in what they are doing, this world would be more peaceful. If only people were to quietly sing a healing tune to their hearts and minds, it would not only heal and transform them, but others too.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford