Oppa #2

You’re Beautiful


Amitakh Stanford

30th January 2010

Blue Moon, 2010, in Oz
You’re Beautiful because
You showed the seventh Flying Buffalo
And illuminated each of the Twelve Stars
O, Blue Moon, you’re beautiful because . . . !

Taara – Shining Water – flying with South Wind
Brought forth Little Fire
And the king named Elvis has returned
With the Earth’s “root-stone” energy
Spreading beautiful Light

Celestial Children grow in strength
As the Twelve Stars nurture and soothe
The Seven Warriors blaze the trail
Whilst Aiden heats Eurasia
C. Troy flies through Water

The Drumming of six years hence
Livened the pace and
Loosened the hold on the Four Elements
Streaming tears will soon be wiped away
O, Tarra-ha-tikas – You’re Beautiful!

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford