Oppa #1

Celestial Children


Amitakh Stanford

17th January 2010

2010 will be a year of unprecedented changes. Some of the changes will be observed with the five senses; other changes will not be so readily perceived.

These radical changes will occur on the micro and macro levels. In other words, there will be extreme changes affecting individuals, families, communities, regions, nations, continents, seas, the atmosphere and the entire planet. Some of the changes will appear to be pleasant; the majority of them will be viewed and experienced negatively. Uncertainty and unrest will abound.

There will be massive social, political and economic upheaval. Many people will feel strong inclinations to re-locate, make lifestyle changes, switch careers, shake up family relations and so on. These changes will happen in unprecedented numbers. Some of the changes will appear to have been voluntarily made. However, many of the voluntary changes will be programmed responses to manipulation by the unseen “hands” of the ruling elite. Many of the drastic changes will be forced upon the people by changed circumstances beyond their control.

Some of the radical changes will happen naturally, whilst most of the changes will be brought about as the rich and powerful exert more overt pressure on the people of the world. Governments will be directed to accelerate their implementation of control over their people. The ruling elite will more aggressively subdue liberties in differing forms and circumstances. Those who dare to speak out will be the main targets of ruling elite agents. Many of them will be eliminated by the cloning process described below.

False and malicious profiling of individuals and groups will become more sophisticated and commonplace. Official records will become so corrupted that some individuals will be unable to prove their identities, whilst others will have instant identities on “order”.

Clones will replace people more and more as identities of humans are stolen. Most of the humans whose identities are stolen will be quickly and quietly exterminated without anyone suspecting the switch. Those humans who survive the clonal theft of their identities will be forced underground and left in difficult and awkward circumstances; their continued existence will be precarious.

As the incidence of switched identities increases, drastic personality changes will become more prevalent. The switched identities to which I am referring are different from the switching of consciousnesses whereby the same physical body becomes occupied by a different consciousness. In those incidents, the same body is used by different consciousnesses. In these stolen identities, a new body and a new consciousness, artificial or otherwise, will take over the position previously held by the human.

In the past, many consciousnesses have been switched during experiences where the physical body nearly died or did momentarily die. These events can also occur from unexpected trauma or from surgical procedures when the heart is intentionally stopped and artificial methods are used to sustain bodily functions. Consciousness swapping can also occur when a physical body is on life support systems. Many people close to those who have been victims of consciousness switching in such situations have commented that the surviving person is not the same person because the personalities are so different from what they were prior to the incident. Medical personnel have even cautioned people that a possible reaction to having a heart stopped is a marked personality change, although very few doctors would have any inkling of what happens in some of the cases.

However, this switching of consciousness is not quite the same as a near-death experience, where a person who is revived remembers an incident surrounding the period when he or she is deemed to have been dead. Many of these occurrences involve events where consciousnesses were temporarily away from the bodies and re-entered, and, for whatever reason, the people retain some memory of the event. By analogy, people sometimes remember their dreams, and other times they do not retain memories of journeys into the dream world.

Aliens have been experimenting with genetic manipulation for a long time, and they have now reached the stage for takeover of the planet. They have impressed humans to do some rudimentary genetic modification for their own ulterior motives. People have been “educated” to now believe in DNA identification, but the models used for the identification are so deficient that, for example, the police in the State of Victoria, Australia, can no longer rely on DNA evidence in criminal trials. Hence, many convictions based on DNA evidence have recently been overturned. This only touches the tip of the iceberg. (It is beyond the scope of this article to further address DNA modelling and identification at this time. If circumstances permit, I shall address this issue in more detail in the future).

Advanced technology in genetic engineering was widespread on other worlds, and genetic modifications have led to disastrous results on those worlds. The Earth experienced some of these nightmares in the time of Atlantis. Although the latest wave of genetic manipulation began at the turn of the twentieth century, it is only in the last six decades or so that it has been so actively pursued.

Most of the genetic manipulation is carried out by aliens who have nefarious motives, and, as the One World Government is implemented, it will become more prevalent and there will be an increase in cross-species manipulations. The process will be used to create servants for specific jobs. The aliens will create hybrid soldiers, workers, scientists, politicians, entertainers etc. to suit their needs and pleasures. Humans will be crossed with various animals and machines in the production of the “perfect” androids, who will be far more sophisticated than those that are currently walking the planet. This is not science fiction – it is happening!

From another perspective, there are some extraterrestrials of the Light who had to adopt genetic engineering in order to achieve the best position in regard to the Rescue Plan. These extraterrestrials work with a gene pool that is less susceptible to programming on the Earth. Those humans who are part of the Rescue Mission are sometimes “grown” from this gene pool. Sometimes these humans will be born naturally to their parents. Other times, they are kept anonymous by being implanted into surrogate mothers. These offspring have no genetic connection to the birth mothers. It is very much like a celestial adoption. The extraterrestrials keep watch from a distance over these celestial children. This is akin to having an extraterrestrial “nanny” watching over them as they grow and develop. These celestial offspring inherit genetic characteristics from the gene pool of their extraterrestrial parents to allow them to better cope with the environment on the planet, which is corrupt and hostile towards them. This also helps to keep them straight in a very crooked world and assist them to cope better without compromising with Darkness.

Sometimes, when the circumstances and timing are right, the parents are notified of their celestial children. For example, one celestial child born to a surrogate mother is a well known male Australian swimmer who specializes in sprints. Incidentally, he is the celestial twin brother of another Australian who was born to a different mother in a different year, even though they are identical, biological twin brothers. Another celestial child born to a surrogate mother is a young and upcoming male actor/singer in South Korea who is gaining international recognition.

In the past, there were many celestial children born to surrogate parents who became well known. Among some of the better known celestial children were: Joan of Arc, Thomas Paine, Frederic Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Hans Christian Andersen, Edgar Cayce, Indira Gandhi, John Wayne and Elvis Presley. Each of these was watched over by the same extraterrestrial “nanny” throughout their lives and performed their respective roles for the Rescue Mission. There were many others who were also famous and others who took on relatively obscure identities. For all intents and purposes, all of these beings were extraterrestrial consciousnesses in human bodies who were on the planet to help the people caught in this world of illusions and traps. The last of the celestial children are presently on the Earth today in human bodies fulfilling their roles for the Rescue Mission, most working in relative anonymity.

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford