Heartstrings #12

The Last Dance Has Begun


Amitakh Stanford

22nd October 2011

The Drum has sounded
The Second Major Cataclysmic Event has finally commenced

A picture tells a thousand words about the truth that is going on in Libya
Many around the world are horrified and turned off
By the gruesome torture and killing of Colonel Gaddafi
What was done to him after his death demonstrates
Hideous baseness of human cruelty
The individuals and nations who relish
The broadcasted images of desecration of the corpse of Gaddafi
Are of the same ilk

The world can now see that NATO and its rebels
Did not go in to free the Libyans
They did not go in to remove any tyrants
But to install their own despots that will supposedly be elected democratically

The leaders of NATO have dragged their people
Into the Libyan bloodbath and massacre
NATO's mercenary rebels committed mass murders
Yet the world applauded
Alas, the same crowd that cried, “Hosannah, Hosannah”, to Jesus
Also nailed him to the cross
Such is the same lynch-mob mentality

NATO and the ones they installed to ravage Libya
Have shown their black hearts and true colours
They were not out to help Libya
But to plunder and destroy it for their own selfish cruel purposes
Their lies no longer hold

Where is the media and the outrage?
Why are there no pictures showing the terrible devastation and destruction?
Where are the photographs of the thousands of innocent Libyans killed by NATO bombs
As the nation's infrastructure was decimated?

Many around the world are horrified, sickened and turned off
By the savage and demonic acts of the NATO rebels
As they celebrated the desecration of Gaddafi's body by dragging it through the streets
There was no shortage of photographs of this heinous act
The rebels will be far worse for Libya than anything it has faced

When American soldiers were dragged through the streets of Iraq and elsewhere
Cheers erupted from the bloodthirsty mob
The same lynch-mob mentality crowds that sickened Americans
Are now praised and cheered by Americans
For doing the same despicable acts to Gaddafi and other Libyans

These murderers were encouraged by NATO to hunt down Gaddafi
Torture, kill, film and broadcast depraved images of his corpse being dragged through the streets
The leaders of NATO are fully responsible for the lynch mob
They urged the lynch mob on and on and on
Until it did what its masters ordered

Yesterday, the bodies of American soldiers were dragged and humiliated
Today, Gaddafi's and his soldiers' bodies are being dragged and mutilated
Tomorrow, everyone will be dragged through the perverted world

The depravity unleashed will spread worldwide
School yards, streets, communities and cities
Will be infected by the ghoulish examples
Mob rule is in the cards

The silent spiritual leaders
Were either frightened into submission
Or exposed for what their hearts truly hold inside
An outcry should have ensued
This shows how far gone the world is

Any god that approves of what has transpired in Libya
Has to be a ghoul
Those who feed such a ghoul
Will find themselves swallowed by the ghoul

A country occupied and run by such bloodthirsty evil ones
Will never be at peace
With them, there is no peace, or they would not have done what they have done
There is no bravery or glory for the bullying cowards

The whole world watched while Libya was bombed mercilessly
The demons are going even farther by hiding Gaddafi's grave
They must sense the pending individual and collective doom
Already they fear what their horrible actions have wrought
Alas, this is just the beginning of the curse
They have invited by aligning with Darkness

The True God does not punish or curse
The god of Darkness who urges them on to kill
Is the same god that will turn on them
Indeed the NATO rebels have taken on their master's traits

After seeing the horror that their mercenary rebels can do to anyone
The West is now leary of them
What they have opened they cannot close

Darkness is going insane
And laughs with blood dripping from its mouth
Celebrating how it has deceived the masses and taken their souls

The same crazy god who instigated the horrible acts
Has cursed its own kind
Libya has been made an example by Darkness
In truth it was the last chance humans had to battle the Shadows
Few, if any religious or national leaders, came to the aid of the Libyan people
When Darkness' archons and minions struck repeatedly

Now Darkness can pounce anywhere
Iran, which has long been protected, has lost its shield
Even it has congratulated the agents of Darkness that massacred Libya
NATO will not be appeased by Iran's outward gestures
And will keep that nation locked in its sights
Time will witness which leaders NATO will next drag through the streets

What the evil ones have done cannot be healed
A plague from Darkness will go through their minds, bodies and souls
Europe will be devastated in many ways
Physically, mentally and otherwise
A force stronger than NATO and the Shadows will arrive
Unleashing its drones to pick on the corpses of their prey

What is coming is not from God
It is from the evil that has been unleashed by Darkness
The True Light will soon retreat
Those with dark hearts will revel for a while
Before being sucked into the deepest depths of Darkness

While the Shadows gruesomely spread terror worldwide
Darkness will be surprised by the oncoming Bi-daar Force
The Earth will become a battlefield
Where Shadows will battle the Bi-daar Force
As evil clashes with evil

The day is coming when every country and continent
Will be swallowed by the approaching evil Bi-daar Force
As it consumes the Shadows and the Red Dragon

Minds will be plagued and tortured by images of their own demise
They kill their own Gaia as she cries out in agony
This is what the world has become
No wonder it will self destruct

Many call it karma
Others call it an eye for an eye
Is it karma that Adolf Hitler
Has re-incarnated as Sarkozy's new daughter
Or is it just a case of birds of a feather flocking together

The horrors will come from Darkness
Those who have chosen Darkness
Will remain in Darkness
Those who have chosen the Light
Will walk in the Light
The wait is over
This is the beginning of the Separation

No amount of scepticism, arrogance or denial can change anything
Each has made their own choice
The Divine sees through all hearts
The heart knows the way

The deceivers and deluded ones will panic
The ones who have persevered and waited
Will be joyous and comforted
Answers may elude
But the heart knows the way

As the world is dragged into Darkness
The Light's beacon intensifies
The ones with pure hearts
Though outwardly tainted by the dark world
Will follow the True Light
And find their way Home

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford