Heartstrings #11

The Red Dragon's Fourth Reich


Amitakh Stanford

21st October 2011

The blue planet that holds many mysteries
Witnesses the passing of another Three
The ones who are linked to him
Feel an emptiness, loss and sadness

The Great Hawk's henchmen and minions
Rejoice at the gruesome torture and killing of Colonel Gaddafi
Whatever is said about him
One thing is certain
He died bravely in battle when he could easily have fled

Tyrant or saint, commoner or royal
Rich or poor, strong or weak
The deaths of none should be ghoulishly celebrated
Such rejoicing reveals the dark seeds of evil harboured in people's hearts
The revellers never think that they could be next

Remember how many applauded the fall of world leaders
Such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Indira Gandhi
While others mourned their deaths

Those who strive to be on the right side of history
Seek the approval of humans
If history remembers them well, they think they have their rewards
It is better to be on the right side of God
Than to be on the right side of “man”

The twenty-first century marks the plague of tyranny
As it revitalises imperialistic colonisation
Slavery and the rise of the Fourth Reich
Led by the Red Dragon

Viewed esoterically
Things are very different from what they appear
The event facilitates the inevitable
And brings Darkness to the fore
What will be . . . will be

Instead of NATO's war freeing Libyans
They will find their land far from democracy and peace
Suffering in turmoil and grief

Leaders of Norwegians, Danes, Germans and Israelis
The British, French, Italian, American and Saudi Arabian leaders too
Celebrate the spoils of their hunt with silent partners
As the bloodied innocents they killed cry to God for justice and vengeance

The new generation looks up to leaders with lynch mob mentalities
Who hunt, bully, plunder and kill
Whose rejoicing shows what the world has become
Something is horribly wrong when murderous butchers are revered

Hero worshipping youths model world leaders
In schools and on the streets
As the new rules invite gang leaders
To bully and scream that Might is Right

What they have started
They cannot stop
The blood will flow
As the world grows in fear and agony

The time is drawing closer
Just waiting for one more
Three, Four and Five
Insulated and far from the maddening crowd

As the world is dragged into Darkness
The Light intensifies
The hearts focused on the Light
Will find their way Home

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford