Heartstrings #10

The Beneficent Dictator


Amitakh Stanford

19th October 2011

As Europe's Black Horse sweeps across the world, many have been misled into thinking that its main target is Iran. However, the Black Horse's primary target is Turkey, as it diverts attention by focusing on Libya, Syria and Iran.

Long in the making has been the European Qualas' dream of having a royal beneficent dictator who would ascend and be recognised as the world's leader. From an historical perspective, this cunningly complex plan has been implemented through many devious plots and intrigues, including the neutralisation or elimination of other significant royals and religions of other Qualas around the world. At its onset, the major opposition to the plan included Egyptian, Persian, Indian and Chinese royals and the major religions.

Times have changed, so the European Qualas have modified their strategies and tactics to suit the developments in world politics, religions, cultures and commerce. At one stage, the Roman Empire was used to drive the conquest. It spread the Roman alphabet throughout Europe and adopted Christianity as its official religion. Subsequently, English was made the Black Horse's official language.

Many empires were absorbed or fell as the European Qualas pursued their quest. Greek, Egyptian, Persian and Indian powers were subdued or eliminated as the plan progressed. Whole systems were either modified to accept European influence or were eliminated when there was too much resistance. Today, the same strategy is being employed under different names, with new colours and decorations.

As time passed, friction stirred amongst the European Qualas, and there was a splintering of powers. This resulted in the division of the Qualas into northern and southern segments, each competing for world control. Initially, the fight for power amongst the Qualas was not that unlike a sports contest that soon developed into a serious competition for ultimate victory. As the power struggle ensued, the Northern European Qualas predominantly backed secular leaders, whilst the Southern European Qualas primarily sponsored religious powers. When it suited their devious plans, they would back both religious and secular powers simultaneously.

The Qualas have no real loyalties to any race of people, country, region, culture, political structure or religion. They work with whomever and whatever most benefits them, and they will cold-heartedly discard, abandon, abuse or destroy those that have outlived their usefulness. Their main bases usually focus around large communities, although they can move their bases anywhere. Presently, the main headquarters for the Northern and Southern European Qualas are in London and Rome respectively. Incidentally, the Red Dragon's Lair is also in London, and it is currently backing the Black Horse. The Red Dragon is scouting for a new home and has sent some of its main agents to Australia and North America under the cover of differing official agendas. It just so happens that these two continents also have concentrations of Meraendians and Attas to watch the European Qualas.

Fast forwarding to more recent centuries, George I – the Hanover Elector from northern Europe sponsored by the Qualas – ascended the British throne in 1714. An unbroken Hanover line put Elizabeth II on the British throne under the surname of Windsor. The Hanover line has been chosen by the European Qualas for world domination.

In the Hanover/Windsor line are found many cunning and devious tyrants, especially with regard to the Georges and Victoria. They learned to be subtle after a predecessor, Charles I, was beheaded for obstinately insisting on the divine right of kings. When one considers that the Qualas are their creators of power, it is not so far-fetched or silly for the royals to honour the Qualas as gods, and to believe that they are descended from, and appointed by, gods!

The Northern European Qualas were about to anoint George III as the world's beneficent dictator, but the American Revolution allowed the United States to break from the British tyrant, severely weakening the European Qualas' position. Delaying the Qualas plan has incurred Qualas wrath, and their agents, the Hanover successors, have never stopped trying to either re-absorb America or weaken and break up the nation.

Queen Victoria's grandson, Wilhelm II – Prussian King and German Emperor – enticed Turkey to align with him in World War I, as the Northern European royals engaged in dismantling and segmenting the Ottoman Empire and started the process of partitioning Prussia and Germany, which was not completed until after World War II. Whilst all this was going on during the first half of the twentieth century, the Romanov family was decimated, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was allowed to assemble. In the second half of the twentieth century, the Chinese royals were denuded. Later, the USSR was dismantled by the British/American alliance in conjunction with Gorbachev, who betrayed his country.

The London-based Qualas are now looking for an American Gorbachev to similarly betray the United States. America has already been sucked into the Qualas plot, and is now in the process of being stripped after being tricked into doing decades of dirty work for the Qualas' ruling elite.

In May of 2011, the aging British-based Olcar swapped bodies and placed its consciousness in a younger royal. Prime Minister Cameron is now talking about altering the succession statutes, claiming that the law unfairly favours male succession to the throne. Is this Cameron speaking, or is it the voice of the monarchy trying to appear more politically correct? Were Cameron sincere in wanting equality in Britain and the idea of amending succession statutes were really his, and if he had the power to do so, he would abolish the monarchy altogether, because a royal line is not only insulting and unfair to all humans on the planet, but an unjustifiable class distinction – it is today, and it always has been. The British-based Olcar's spouse is in the process of re-uniting with it by also swapping bodies for a younger one. It is this swap that is hoped to bring the beneficent dictator into being.

Australians are aware that their democracy is fast becoming an autocracy. Whilst free speech is not expressly guaranteed, they can still protest, except when the government precludes it, as it did during the Pope's visit to Sydney. If Australians were to look at their Constitution, they would see that it is not really a free, democratic nation. The Queen of the United Kingdom is also the Queen of Australia. This is not symbolic, because she is the executive branch of government, and, among other things, has control over the Parliament and all of its legislature, the power of appointment of judges, and command of the military. Many erroneously believe that the Queen is only a figurehead. The Australian Governor-General is the Queen's representative in Australia, and nothing serious gets done without the Queen's representative's approval or consent. It is the Queen's carbon tax and emissions trading scheme that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd deferred, which mainly led to his ousting by a swift and dirty coup that was most certainly devised in London.

Turkey has been absorbed into the Black Horse, but its allegiance is wavering, as it sees so much darkness about it and no longer trusts its leaders. Istanbul will be the object of much manoeuvring as forces aim at it from different directions. Strategically, Turkey holds a very important position, which makes it both a valuable and vulnerable piece on the Qualas chessboard.

Even though the Red Dragon is currently backing the Black Horse, if the latter falters, the Red Dragon will unceremoniously dump it and go over to the Brown Horse. Although the European Qualas' Black Horse appears to be the strongest contestant for world domination right now, its position will not be that strong when the Brown Horse fully matures. It will be then that the Grey Horse will be called upon as the European Qualas try to reclaim their plan for anointing their beneficent dictator of the world. Islam stands in the way of both the Northern and Southern European Qualas, and leans more towards the Brown Horse, which puts it in the firing line from every side.

The Qualas have already chosen the riders for the Black Horse and the Grey Horse. It will be a while before the world is shown who the chosen rider of the Brown Horse is. At present, the candidate to ride the Brown Horse looks stronger, more determined and more focused than the European Qualas' candidates.

Pitifully, humans are pawns, used as fodder on the chessboard. However, it is not beyond human reach to break the warring chain of all the Qualas, and bring about a new beginning. This can only be achieved if humans unite and refuse to participate in foreign wars, and halt the New World Order.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford