Heartstrings #8

How Much Money Does God Have?


Amitakh Stanford

14th October 2011

The suffering in this world can be characterised by two words, “unholy disunion”. An unholy disunion between God and humans has brought about conflicts. Conflicts cause suffering, unsettling people in many ways. Peace between God and humans brings about equilibrium, inner peace, faith, love and all manner of expression that signifies love, truth, sharing and caring. But, humans have fallen so far from their Creator that they lack inner peace, inner guidance, truth and justice, so much so that many people are now at war with God and with themselves.

As this unholy conflict continues, the antithesis of the True Loving God rises in power. There has been so much corruption in this world that many believe that God created money. To dispute this corrupted belief, one need only ask, “What would God want with money?” In human terms, many believe that money is one of the great principles of the universe and represents good karma. Karma is basically the belief in the principle that one reaps what one sows. Most people are unsuspecting of the unjust imposition of karma, which in truth does not always work justly as is believed.

Likewise, many believe that the astral world is heaven. In reality, the astral world contains many levels in which beings reside. These levels range in their energy vibrations, from the sadly horrific up to the spiritual appearing. There is no way out of the astral – it is a confined prison within the Virtual Reality. It is not that unlike existence on Earth, which is contained in the physical world, which is only an extension of the astral world. All of the astral world and the physical world are integrated parts of the Virtual Reality. In the astral, there is exploitation, deception, slavery, abuse, mind control and so on intermingled with some loving, caring expressions. In the astral, the beings are trapped, just as they are trapped on Earth.

There is a conspiracy within the astral and physical worlds to make its occupants believe that there is nothing else beyond. Karma is part of the astral conspiracy. Fortunately, the karmic system is in the process of being dismantled. When karma is dismantled, much of the illusion of the astral and its accompanying physical world will collapse.

In the astral parts of the Virtual Reality there is no monetary exchange. In other words, there is no such thing as money in the non-physical portions of the Virtual Reality. When the Virtual Reality was first created, there were no corporeal bodies. Some of the astral world was subsequently solidified into the physical worlds, where things are very dense and there are corporeal bodies. Thereafter, those worlds were populated with beings placed into physical bodies.

Since the physical bodies were temporary, they could only house the consciousnesses for a finite amount of time. When a body breaks down, the consciousness within it evacuates and is transported back to the astral, where it often goes through a system of memory erasure and re-programming so that most of the beings come out “smiling” and raring to give the physical world another go. At this stage, they accept the lie that they have unfinished lessons to learn in the physical. In one sense, the programming and the deception in the astral world is far worse than it is in the physical world. Many of the supposedly great teachers of love are really beings of deception emitting only pseudo light. The truth is, re-incarnation is involuntary, because most are deceived into it, and, if they do not consciously accept it, they are forced to repeatedly re-incarnate anyway. The process of re-incarnation is necessary to maintain the Virtual Reality. The physical and the astral are now so interconnected that they are symbiotic – one affects the other.

In pre-historic times, as the world population increased, the concept of having a means of exchange was created by Arapabas. One does not need to know what the preceding sentence means or how it works – the statement just identifies how money was set into motion. It began with a trade or barter system of exchange, which appeared to be a practical and useful means of distributing resources. The barter system began placing values on chattels and services. This soon led to greed, exploitation, abuse, servitude and slavery. In some religious beliefs and cultures the people accept that God blessed them with money to replace the barter system. Were God to have really impressed on humans to develop money, then It would be approving greed, exploitation, abuse, servitude and slavery. In short, It would be a bad god.

Money is said to be the root of all evil, but the physical world has developed in such a way that it is difficult to survive without it. Finances and money have become major sources of abuse, exploitation, stress, confusion and heartache for many people.

In the astral, there is no need for monetary systems. Even though some beings trapped in the astral believe that there is money in that realm, there is no astral money. The exchange there is all energy based, which has developed into an energy greed in the astral. There are givers and takers in the astral, along with energy traps. There is a hierarchy governing the distribution of energy in the astral. In any hierarchy, there can be corruption from the top down, without anyone suspecting it. This has occurred in the astral, and massive deception has been employed to hide that corruption.

On the Earth plane, energy exchange occurs through money. When money is looked at as an energy, then it is easier to comprehend that it is governed by something, that something being a force. The money force is like a being that facilitates all facets of financial matters. This force assists people who are most attuned to its energy and helps them accumulate wealth and power. For all intents and purposes, the money force becomes their god, and they speak, feel, act and attract money.

It is no co-incidence that some nations, like the United States, have mystical symbols like pyramids and the all-seeing eye on their currency. At some level, those responsible for the design of the notes were in tune with the esoteric force behind money. However, this does not necessarily mean that they understood the “soul” of money.

Money, like sex, drugs and power, can become addictive. Those who are severely affected by the money force can have part of their energy sucked into the money vortex to further help energise it. Even poor people become sucked into hoarding money, primarily out of fear of the lack of it, and how that would affect them. Whether rich or poor, people lose their energy to the money vortex. As greed, fear, envy and other emotions are activated by the money force, it energises the money vortex. The money force is now so great that the ruling echelon of the astral hierarchy are worried that it could spin out of control and alter the operation of the astral world.

Precious metals can back currencies, as can real property or other chattels. Likewise, pledges of goods or services can back money. Money can be based on fiat, and today it is even based on debt. Whatever the backing behind the money, ultimately, there is no difference. Every means of exchange is a control of energies that is feeding the money vortex by controlling the people.

In this multi-faceted world, filled with international exchanges, the moneyed interests have gained enormous power as they fuel the money vortex. As the money force becomes more and more energised, it is corrupting everything. Dynasties are defined by money, elections are rigged and purchased with money, it drives crime waves, slavery, inequality and even wars. Every human behaviour is somehow affected by it. All of society is impacted by it. Money and other means of exchange have become a binding force that upholds the Virtual Reality and all of Its misery and prisons.

One needs to have perspective in everything one does. As with anything else, one should consider the use of money as distributing one's energy. When money is directed for good it helps to minimise the abuse of money, and the effects of the spiralling monster, Mammon.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford