Heartstrings #7

All Just Power Belongs to the People


Amitakh Stanford

9th October 2011

The global financial crisis is swirling and insoluble. The ruling elite have been manipulating money matters for so long that they mistakenly believed that they could continue stealing the world's wealth and blame it on cyclical economic behaviours. The debt bubbles that have been created have allowed some to make huge profits on the losses of others. Ordinary people are doing it hard because of ongoing global recessions that have caused frustration and immense financial difficulties for them, which is what the ruling elite have planned all along – to steal the people's wealth and their liberties.

Although the blank faces have designed, implemented and manipulated the global economic downturn, the ruling elite are losing control of the situation because things are different this time around. Protests are breaking out all over the world as people voice frustration with their respective governments. At the moment, the protests lack a binding purpose, and the grievances being expressed are not cohesive. At best, they could be summed up as anti-establishment muddles, in which the crowds are demanding reforms without real plans for correcting the situation.

The confusion felt worldwide is understandable because that is what the blank faces have planned all along. The ruling elite believed that if they could befuddle the people and the real issues enough, they could implement total control over the world's population by pushing fascist principles and despotism through individual governments.

Due to the financial crisis, many people are out of work. The governments are aware that their people are suffering, but they do not change the situation to help them. The heads of state around the world are unwilling to fix the crisis. Instead of initiating any fresh ideas, governments are following the dictates of the blank faces. The governments are blindly applying reckless stimulus spending in conjunction with forced austerity measures, depending on particular circumstances. There is so much corruption that neither of these methods will now correct the financial crisis, and the blank faces know that, which is why they are having their agents promote them. In other words, the blank faces want the world to be in a global financial crisis so they can ultimately seize control of everything.

It is no surprise that the recent protests in America that started on Wall Street in New York City have spread to other American cities. Neither is it a surprise that the protests lack cohesive energy or purpose, given the planning by the blank faces and the power they wield on the planet. Just like in London, Paris, Athens and other western cities, the protesters were severely punished by police and other government agents. Yet, these protests and police brutality went largely unreported in the American media. The few reports of these events that did surface scorned the protesters and mocked them for having no purpose, as the police intimidated, beat, gassed and kicked them into submission.

At this point, it looks hopeless for the protesters, who are undergoing the ruling elite's plan of divide and conquer. Blank face agents were planted to manipulate, confuse and taint the protesters' image and purpose. Throughout history, these types of provocateurs have often been planted by the ruling elite and their government agents to confuse the real issues, in order to maintain control of the people. Presently, the blank faces have done the same in the Arab Spring. Whether in Cairo or in Paris, there are always those who are planted by the ruling elite to diminish the people's efforts at correcting the situations. These implanted ones in the crowds are often the instigators of violence, looting and other destructive behaviours. It is primarily because of the stirring by the government/ruling elite agents that protests are often quashed.

People have the right to protest and voice their grievances. Protesting is analogous to voting. It is a means of expression. So many rights have been taken from the people over the years that the people have few other ways of voicing their frustrations with their governments. All the protesters, even the Palestinian and the Jewish citizens of Israel, have one thing in common – frustration with their governments. All the governments have one thing in common – co-operation with the ruling elite.

Things will be different this time around. Things will change very quickly this time.

The protests will mesh together with the purpose and energy to drive the cause for the downtrodden people. It will be the people who will rise up as they realise that governments around the world have oppressed and controlled them with immoral and unjust laws. They will realise that some laws are so wrong that they must be broken. American President Abraham Lincoln was forced to break the slavery laws in America! He did it. But, today, there are no Lincolns leading nations who will break up the dark energies to free their people from slavery. IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE TO BE THE LINCOLNS!

The ruling elite and their agents have been rewarding people in power for all the wrong reasons. For instance, President Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize for, among other things, promising to close down Guantánamo Bay and end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet none of these promises have been kept. Instead, the Middle East conflicts have been expanded, and America is known to be conducting military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan. Where else the American military and paramilitary forces are engaged is anybody's guess. Worse still, America now has drawn up a hit list of its enemies, who are being exterminated by extra-judicial hit squads and robots. Whoever wins the next presidential election in America, he or she will be forced to toe-the-line for the blank faces. In short, nothing will change unless the people change it.

Wayne Swan is the treasurer of Australia. Recently, the ruling elite have decided to promote him, and have directed that he be given recognition as the “world's best treasurer”. The economic “wizardry” of Swan is propped up by massively reckless stimulus spending that ran Australia into $47.8 billion of deficit last year. To put this number into perspective, if Swan were managing a nation with as many people as America, then the figure would be multiplied by 14, making the proportional debt equivalent to a whopping $670 billion. Perhaps Euromoney magazine should consider making President Obama the runner-up for the accolade, because he is only recklessly spending double that figure per capita.

The IMF is encouraging Swan to recklessly spend more and more stimulus money, not because they want to help Australians, but because they want to reduce them to the state of misery being felt by much of the world in the global financial crisis. Swan will do whatever the blank faces want; his record is clear on this.

In Britain, Prime Minister Cameron has quashed protests and labelled all the British protesters as thugs, thieves, hooligans and criminals. In Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu ignores Jewish inspired protests and murderously quells Palestinian protests and labels them as terrorist. In Australia, Prime Minister Gillard slurs the protesters by calling them American wannabes for strenuously objecting to the British Queen's carbon tax and emissions trading schemes. Gillard's approval rating is so low that Queen Elizabeth II, the ruler of Australia, is going Down Under this month to assess whether she should keep her Prime Minister in power. The royal visit will once again be at the expense of Aussie taxpayers, as the Queen promotes her very unpopular carbon tax and carbon trading schemes. Many Australians are feeling the pinch as the middle class is being taxed into oblivion. Yet, the Parliament is calling for huge pay rises for themselves. This shows how little they care for the people.

The world in transit is a very volatile time. America still has a chance to turn itself around. The Attas assisted it in breaking from European slavery and helped it create a nation based on the principles of individual liberties. That liberty was not perfect because Europe had already infested the continent with human bondage and slavery. President Lincoln broke the last bond of slavery in America and halted the Europeans' treacherous plan to enslave the world. However, the ruling elite kept pushing slavery in various forms around the world. The institution of slavery, under many disguises, is alive and active around the globe and has found its way back to America. It takes on different faces and tunes, but it is all the same.

Since politicians in America have lost their way and are not Lincolns, the people will have to step in and be the Lincolns. The people are the government anyway, and all just power stems from the people. The Attas are here once again, to assist not only Americans, but everyone who truly respects liberty and wishes to throw off the blank faces' chains of slavery.

To begin feeling liberty at home, wherever it may be, people need to stop prosecuting foreign wars. Wars bring only misery to the people and power to the blank faces, who thrive on conflicts and wars. Wars are tools to plunder and steal liberty from others. If all governments gave the highest priority to their own people's liberty, and next priority to their neighbour's liberty, their nations would grow strong and happy.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford