Heartstrings #5

Stop Israeli Genocide of Palestinians


Amitakh Stanford

16th September 2011

Some refer to the nation of Israel as the homeland of terrorism, and many are upset by the immense human rights abuses being committed by the government against Palestinian people. There are many who empathised with the victims of the holocaust, that now see for themselves that Israelis have learned nothing from the horrible treatment Jews received during WWII, and that the Israeli government is just as cruel and demonic as the Nazi authorities. Some are so angry that they say that Israelis deserve whatever comes their way. Others still are so outraged that they view them as a scourge on humanity who should be exterminated for the common good.

In the eyes of many, Israel is not really a legal country, but a contrived nation moulded out of a war-torn region by Western sympathisers with their own agendas. Many of the designers of modern-day Israel were Zionists, some being nearly as anti-Jewish as many Nazis were. Israel was not created out of compassion for Jewish victims, but for ulterior motives.

Good Jews are getting bad reputations from the horrible deeds of the Israeli government. It is becoming difficult not to stereotype all Jews as supportive of the Israeli government, because the media has so blue-washed not only Israelis, but the whole world, into believing that nearly all Jews wholly support the Israeli government. This is an absolute lie! Jews who understand the situation are sickened by the inhumane bullying and terrorising of the Palestinian people by the Israeli government.

The hell that Jews endured under Hitler does not justify Israel's abuse of Palestinians or the instigation of their own agenda of genocide. The Israeli government evicted Palestinians from their homeland by force. Those that remained have been left to inhumanely suffer, starve and endure unjust abuse.

Human rights violations are rampant in Israel. In creating and maintaining the contrived nation, Palestinians were, and continue to be, herded into paddocks and cordoned off from the Jewish Israeli citizens. In Israel, Palestinians are not second class or even third class citizens – they are terrorised, caged like animals, abused like rubbish, and often killed like trophy animals. The reasons given by the Israeli government for the apartheid and genocide are tired and worn. Their propaganda is spread like manure around the world, falsely declaring that Palestinians are unreasonable and want everything, are scheming and dangerous, and that they are terrorising Israelis. These are similar to the non-reasons given by others who sought to decimate other indigenous peoples.

For years, over 1 1/2 million Palestinians have been squeezed into a 360-square kilometre coastal territory known as the Gaza Strip. Their living conditions are atrocious, and they are blocked from all sides, including the sea. The recent governmental upheaval in Egypt might eventually free the Gaza Palestinians on their southern border, but that remains to be seen. For now, the new regime in Egypt is not much more sympathetic to the Palestinian plight than the Western puppet Hosni Mubarak was.

Those living in Gaza suffer extreme poverty and are deprived of basic human needs, such as shelter, drinking water, adequate sewage, medicine, food and education. Western nations not only condone the Israeli atrocities, but encourage other nations to support and protect Israel. Palestinians living in the West Bank are only marginally better off than those in Gaza. They are walled in like prisoners without jobs, hope or a future. When Israeli abuse is too blatantly obvious, countries like England and America will pretend to chastise Israel, but Israel takes no notice of such antics because it knows it is only insincere posturing and pretence. Besides, Israel knows how to blackmail them.

The evidence clearly shows a plan to kill off the Palestinian people. Nations involved with the British Empire learned to slaughter indigenous people when feasible, slander their character and brand them as lazy savages, herd them onto reservations and isolate them from the “real” citizens as they punish them with slow-rolling extermination. And, the Palestinian leaders have allowed this to happen! This is not representation, it is a sure path to annihilation! Things like this have been done to the indigenous people in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more besides. The Israelis are doing to the Palestinians what the British founders of the contrived nation of Israel taught them, to break the spirit, dehumanise, demonise, and, as far as possible, to eliminate the indigenous population.

Whilst the Israelis are “cleansing” their land of Palestinians, they destroy their homes, steal their lands, deprive them of water, deny them of livelihoods, separate them from each other, and brand them as shiftless thugs and undeserving terrorists. The whole world, including the United Nations and NATO (NATA), watches this tragedy. Those who can help, will not. Those who would help, cannot. It was one thing to watch the holocaust unfold in Europe, but at least the West tried to stop it. Yet, the West is condoning, and, in many ways, conducting a holocaust against Palestinians. The West has turned many Muslim leaders against the Palestinians in accordance with the long-standing European Qualas plan for a Muslim holocaust.

The blockade against the Gaza Strip is effectively an act of war against the people of Gaza. It is a cruel and unjust collective punishment of the Palestinian people. Finally, Turkey has offered some symbolic support that might turn into real support. If Turkey makes good on its offer, its navy will escort ships that seek to breach the Israeli blockade and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. While the blockade is “legal” according to Israeli law, under the same argument, Adolf Eichmann's policies to exterminate Jews were “lawful” under German law. Legal does not mean right. If a country legalises the eating of human babies, that does not make it right. When laws are despicable and inhumane, they must be broken. The blockade of Gaza must be broken if the world wants to be seen as civilised. Palestinians should be treated decently, like any other humans.

Israel acts like a law unto itself. Everyone watches as a tiny, insignificant country holds the whole world to ransom. The Israeli government's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and economic abuse of Palestinians must stop now. This has led to senseless bloodshed of some Jews and many Palestinians. As the world watches the atrocities continue to mount. As foretold, America is waning. As the United States wanes, Israel will fall. The crumbling has already begun. A new voice and a new power will arise in the Arab world that will not tolerate Israel's continued human rights abuses. The Palestinians do have hope, and, eventually, they will have their independence. The state of Israel was arbitrarily created, and it can, and will be, unceremoniously dissolved.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford