Heartstrings #4

The Heart Knows the Way


Amitakh Stanford

14th September 2011

It is impossible for Light to compromise with Darkness
Darkness is devoid of Light
Those with some esoteric knowledge of this Virtual Reality
Are aware of disguises of entrapments and that everything feeds on others

Knowing traps and still falling into them
Is worse than being unaware of the baits
Deceivers will say what you want to hear
And lead you further from the truth

Those laying traps for others are more culpable
Than those who are unwittingly snared
Those who know, yet willingly walk into the traps
Are far more insufferable than the ignorant ones
Yet the result is the same
And all are accountable for their own actions

Being told is one thing
Quietly knowing is another
Psychic abilities, riches, worldly success and fame
Are not testaments to spiritual advancement or goodness

Psychic powers usually wane as people age
But, unlike humans, Meraendians' power
Once activated, matures with age
We are on standby, ready to evacuate our own

The charade is over
All have been accounted for but one
Just looking for one more

Very few truly know
Divine purpose must be experienced and lived
Rather than rationalised or told
When one draws closer to the Divine
One can truly hear, when one is still

The very personal interests and baser instincts
Begin to diminish as one begins to turn introspectively
Instead of actively enhancing one's ego and seeking worldly achievements

It is not the long meditation, the pious fasting
The strict vegetarian diet, the yoga
The outward appearance of spiritual advancement
The empty utterances of love, harmony, compassion and positive energy
That bring one closer to the Divine

The empty vessels who pray in the streets
Already have their rewards
The Divine sees through all

If one feels the urge to impress
It is better to “impress” God
Than to impress one's ego or anyone else

The heaviest rain
The hardest wind
The hottest fire
The worst flood
The hottest sun
The strongest earthquake
The greatest tsunami
Are but precursors of what is to come
These are not punishments from the True Light
The whole Virtual Reality is breaking down . . .

Each has to walk his or her own path
No one can walk another's path
Ultimately, nobody can carry another

The deceivers and bullies have nowhere to hide
All the systems are breaking down
The time is near

No one really knows who the Rescuers are
Except the Rescuers among the Meraedians
Others pretend to know and arrogantly attach labels and tags
To cover their own deficiencies
Those who truly know, need not brag
They speak as it is

Real time is taught to many, surreal time is known by few
The time is coming where everyone left will be ducking for cover
The true ones will inwardly know to retreat and simplify their lives
Instead of parading and pandering to their egos

The deceivers and the deluded ones will panic
The ones who have sincerely waited
Will be joyous and comforted
Truth will prevail

Answers may elude
But the heart knows the way

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford