Heartstrings #3



Amitakh Stanford

4th September 2011

The plan to swallow up the Middle East is approaching the tenth anniversary of its execution. Initially, except for a few, the whole world was spellbound. Now, the blinkers have fallen off, and more and more are awakening to its dark purposes.

The Meraendians are doing their best to shed light on the plan and break the spell that was being woven around the world. Much energy has been directed at the Korean Peninsula, with most of the emphasis on South Korea. The Meraendians are keeping an eye on that part of the world, but they will not intervene unless it is absolutely necessary.

At present, demonstrations and protests are occurring against the construction of a naval base on Jeju, a beautiful South Korean island, which was made known to many foreigners in the Korean drama, “Tamra, the Island”. The protests and demonstrations are being suppressed and repressed by a huge police force.

The excuses behind the construction are that the new base will bring jobs to the island and create security for the nation. These are two of the main excuses used by many plotters and manipulators to try to bring about their projects. For obvious reasons, they are not using the environmental, global warming arguments to persuade people to implement the Jeju project. The project will be so detrimental to the environment that they want to ignore these issues altogether.

The plotters and schemers pander to the greed, ignorance and fear of the people. A new naval base will cause tension amongst many international powers. The United States will use the base to moor its warships. This is another case of a government selling out its people and surrendering territory to pander to the West. Putting the base on Jeju will not make the area more secure; it will heighten tensions and lead to more Korean bloodshed, of which the plotters are well aware. What the United Nations and the North Atlantic Terrorist Alliance (NATA) are doing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa is on its way to Asia, via Jeju. The seizure of control of Jeju by foreigners has been on the European Qualas agenda for many centuries. The UN stirred things in Korea during the latter half of the twentieth century, and the country could well become the Asian catalyst for twenty-first century conflicts. There is another extremely powerful alien group that is particularly interested in Eurasian affairs. If a conflict starts between this group and the European Qualas, it could be very messy!

The West has used more than its economic and military might. It has been corrupting religions around the world to the point that people are becoming disillusioned with spirituality. The West has implemented a long-range plan to replace religions with a non-religious religion – Science. Westerners have blended hard science with theoretical science until unproven and unprovable scientific theories are accepted as facts.

Blending tools were used to blur the line between scientific facts and scientific theories, the latter of which are really science fiction until they are proven. There is much that is science fiction that is being paraded as scientific theory, which in turn has been promoted as hard scientific fact. In this list is included: the theory of evolution; the theory of a billions-years-old Earth; the theory of continental drift through tectonic plate movement; the theory of a molten core Earth; the theory of black holes; the theory of formation of celestial bodies; the theory of a nuclear sun. On the other hand, theories that modern scientists reject are scoffingly labelled as fantasies, delusions or science fiction. These include: the hollow Earth; the sun being an external combustion engine; reincarnation.

A major blending tool used to blur scientific fact and science fiction has been the application of algebra. Algebra was introduced to humans to limit their scientific reach. The field was intentionally corrupted with deficiencies and impossibilities. Algebra appears to work, but it does not function well, and requires inventions and improvisations, such as imaginary numbers, to make it give consistent results.

Algebra is an extension of the aliens' intentionally flawed mathematical functions, like division, which is impossible when the divisor is zero, and calculus, which is accepted as approximating slopes and curves. Likewise, negative numbers were injected into human mathematics to impede advancements. Surely, aliens who are influencing human affairs must be advanced enough to be aware of the existence of the mathematical field of CROMITES. The word “cromites” is a phonetic translation of an extraterrestrial language. Cromites is accurate, precise, consistent, and does not require imaginary concepts to understand. Navigation by cromites is precise and accurate. Engineering with cromites eliminates guesswork and overcompensation to ensure a structure will withstand specific forces. If the aliens influencing things on Earth wanted to assist humans, they would not have introduced flawed mathematics – it is a very cruel imposition on humans.

Today, many people swear by science and follow it with blind faith. Thus far, science has produced volumes of information that has been corrupted by ambitious humans applying false data to prove or debunk theories and events. There are many unscrupulous academics and scientists pushing their theories for funding or other reasons. They are unreliable.

In the twentieth century, many medical doctors promoted smoking tobacco for nerves, weight loss and other health benefits. Now, they say smoking is a health hazard. People do not need to be told by doctors that cigarettes are bad for health. Common sense tells them that. It was the unscrupulous scientists who spread the falsehood about the product. Scientists do the same thing today, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, and they are using doctors to push their flawed prescription drugs, even though they know they cause significant adverse side effects.

Whenever science is caught giving out erroneous information, it modifies its results, usually without any apology for its mistake. Science has been given licence to promote and implement anything it likes. Science has promoted itself as the only true “god”. Anything unprovable by the scientific method is considered superstition, fantasy, science fiction or nonsense. Scientists have spent centuries debunking religions and paranormal activities. In so doing, they have elevated themselves as the supreme authority for determining what is true, what is false, what is acceptable and what is not.

Science has robbed people of their natural instincts, intuition and, most importantly, their natural link or connection to their Creator. People are now very confused with their material lives, and are behaving more like biological robots than individual, thinking, feeling beings. If humans lose their inalienable right to think for themselves, they will be stripped of their true selves. Instead of allowing leaders, governments and others to decide their future, they need to think for themselves. Blind faith is dangerous, especially when following educators, governments, religious leaders, science or other groups.

The ruling elite want people to accept science fiction along with political fiction. Their agents, the United Nations and NATA, are imposing the political fiction that people can be forced to be free. Their definition of freedom means voluntary compliance with their demands, or face sanctions or severe consequences or invasion.

Re-learn how to think for yourselves before it is too late and you become a “democratic” robot for the aliens.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford