Heartstrings #2

The Sky and Beyond


Amitakh Stanford

2nd September 2011

The world is about to enter a no-return stage. The bullies and the real terrorists will expose themselves more and more to the world. Their fates, too, will be sealed. The self-deluded rogues responsible for all the mass killings of civilians and vicious plundering of other lands will get their just desserts. They are attracting devastation to their own lands as they act. This will not be due to karma, which does not always mete out justice as it claims. There is another bullying and punishing force that will go after them as it seeks to be the supreme power on the planet.

During the months of September to November this year, the skies are going to be very active with many “visitors” from other worlds converging with all the alien crafts already on Earth. It will be an unsettling time. Be especially wary of some trouble-making rogue crafts. This is not science fiction. This is for real. The aliens will be at war with one another. This will not just be another hit-and-run type of assault, as has happened in the past. It is the start of the full-blown battles amongst alien groups.

Be ready. Be alert. Things are not always what they appear to be. Be in tune with your own origins.

As anticipated, the night of the posting, “Tabta Tawila”, we had alien intruders. They pointed their craft directly at us, but skirted away as soon as our defences were activated. Their presence caused a lot of the moisture to be sucked up from the ground. The pot plants were rendered dry as powder. The water extraction process left strange patterns on the lawn. Unlike crop circles, where foliage is cut down or flattened, this incident lengthened some of the grass, forming a series of patterns.

A couple of weeks ago, three crafts appeared in the eastern sky travelling in quick, zig-zagging movements. Two of them had huge unlit “trailers” or “barges” attached to them. It looked as though they were towing big items across the sky. We only saw the attachments as the crafts flew near the full moon. The third one suddenly disappeared soon after the other two crafts headed east north east.

Things are now very serious. The differing groups of aliens have never been playful or cuddly, as portrayed in some channelled information, literature and movies. These aliens are very deceptive, and have been deceiving by spreading insincere messages of peace, love, oneness, spiritual enlightenment, elevation of the planet etc. They do not have the best interests of humans in mind. The reality is that they are conquering aliens from surrounding worlds, who seek total conquest of the planet and enslavement and/or annihilation of humans. More and more humans and governments have sold out to various alien groups. Some people and governments have been taken over by aliens. What will happen to humanity primarily depends on which warring group of aliens ultimately claims victory, and what they plan to do with their spoils. The future of humanity is in alien hands, unless . . .

While humans are busy killing and bullying each other, they are creating a diversion that favours the alien invaders. The only real chance for humans to change their bleak future may sound crazy and impossible, but it is their best alternative. They need to immediately remove all their bullying and warmongering leaders who are participating in wars and violence. These leaders have taken the power from the people, who need to reclaim it in order to bring peace to the planet. These invading aliens are so inherently aggressive that peace will deter their ambitious conquest of the planet. The aliens thrive on the energies of mayhem, killing and the suffering of people and animals. They are energy vampires.

First, humans must unite and stop infighting. Peaceably united, humans can stand against the alien aggression. This cannot be a temporary unification to arm and go to war with the aliens, like portrayed in the movie, “Independence Day”. Hollywood is sending out exactly the opposite message to what humans should be doing to defeat these aliens. The warring aliens can be discouraged from seeking conquest of the Earth, but to discourage them requires permanent peaceful co-operation of all humans. A peaceful world will not feed these aggressive energy parasites.

Humans cannot stand toe-to-toe with aliens and battle them aggressively. With the current level of technology available to humans, they are no match for them in any way. The best way to confront the aliens today is to stand together and stop selling out to aliens, stop all wars and discourage all violence in any form, which will curtail the ready supply of emotional energy that the vampiric aliens thrive on. The biggest offenders of promoting violence in this world are certain governments and alliances. Their warring, violent acts, and repressive behaviours towards their own people and others, are creating the ideal situation for the invading aliens. Some of these aliens are already amongst us, stirring conflicts around the globe.

It was never a game; the stakes are astronomical. Be alert. Be ever watchful. Toka-ita Ooka-tua.

Just waiting for one more . . .

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford