Heartstrings #1

Tabta Tawila


Amitakh Stanford

31st August 2011

Tabta Tawila – things are not what they appear to be. In this world of five senses, there are many ways to obscure, hide from and trick perception. Many things that transpire are very much like illusions, which conceal other unseen activities occurring behind the scenes. What people see and experience often has little or no direct correlation to the real agenda underneath the illusory layers.

Some obscured occurrences are: the Libyan war; the culling of humans and animals; the tenth anniversary of 9/11; the financial crisis; the war against terrorism; humanitarian projects undertaken by the United Nations and the North Atlantic Terrorist Alliance (NATA). As a primary precaution, be wary of what is reported by the media, which is owned and sponsored by the ruling elite. Also, be circumspect in assessing anything released by a political, government or corporate body. The larger the voice, the more likely the corruption of the information. While smaller voices from organisations or individuals can be used to fool people, it is the larger voices of which people should be most wary. Repetition of the same messages or slogans are markers that manipulators are at work.

NATA is an appropriate name for the West's aggressive military alliance, which is also commonly known as NATO. It is now openly pushing its real agendas. It is not protecting, but subduing, those in its path – a path aimed at gobbling up territories for the West.

On the surface, NATA seems to be going after oil-rich countries for financial and political gain. On a deeper level, it is after territories for its masters. However, on the deepest level, the agenda is not even known to the Earth's ruling elite. This is the way the Qualas work. Even their highest agents operate on a need-to-know basis because they are not trusted. Since the Qualas do not trust themselves, they certainly do not trust their agents.

Petroleum is toxic to most biological life on Earth, yet it is an elixir for some life forms. Many ancient civilisations intentionally sprang up near oil reserves. Oil is not what it appears to be. It has its own consciousness, cohesion and origins, which will be reserved for another discussion.

Some aliens have detected the vast stores of oil on this planet and are attracted to them like sharks to blood. Being in close proximity to oil prolongs and enhances the bodies of these aliens in ways very foreign to humans. As an analogy, oil is like an addictive fountain of youth for them. The ones that get the most “kick” out of oil are the Western European Qualas.

Over millennia, there have been many alien battles for territory near oil-rich areas, whether the oil is located under the sea or the land. While these battles raged, humans thought they were fighting other humans for human reasons. This is by alien design. They make things appear to be run by humans when they are really controlled or influenced by aliens. These aliens do not need to touch oil to reap the benefits, they only need to be near it. This does not mean that all wars are alien wars over oil. Aliens fight for other things, too. Humans are likewise belligerent beings; they fight amongst themselves for their own gains, and they betray their own kind also.

For untold centuries, different groups of aliens have fought many wars on this planet. Some left and have later come back. Others have settled here and blended in with the indigenous Homo sapiens.

The Western European Qualas had nearly conquered the entire world, whilst keeping humans limited to eighteenth-century technology. Had they succeeded then, they would have all humans in absolute slavery today. A key agent for the Qualas was England's George III, who nearly had world control in hand from his London headquarters until he lost the United States to the American colonists. This thwarted George III's progress, and allowed many already subdued alien groups to challenge the British Empire. Battles against the London masters raged thereafter. The Western European Qualas implemented a backup plan, which was a riskier venture from the alien perspective because it afforded humans access to more alien technology. This has made humans more formidable foes, although they are still no match for the unseen aliens.

In America, humans had a retreat and a reprieve from the alien battles, which set back the alien masters. Over time, however, the aliens have wrestled to obtain near-total control of its government from the people.

As a part of the advancement of technology, aliens began impressing humans to develop oil wells. When oil began gushing around the world, the planet became engulfed in an alien feeding frenzy. Oil is available everywhere to aliens, who thrive on its presence. This has heightened the warring characteristics and other horrible traits of the aliens. Beheadings are more prevalent, gangland style killings are acceptable, paedophilia is rampant, deception is widespread, destruction is glorified, gore is relished and senseless cruelty is springing up everywhere.

The internal combustion engine was initiated by aliens who impressed on humans to develop it. Since this is a main user of oil, it has been kept as the main technology for driving vehicles. The development of wind, solar, hydrogen and other alternative energy sources has been, by and large, discouraged by aliens, and they have not released effective technology to replace petroleum driven internal combustion engines. Further, they have not wanted efficiency of the motors to increase, so the engines are wasteful of resources and cause air pollution. Nuclear energy is another story altogether! The aliens want to keep the oil flowing, especially from the Middle East, where the European Qualas have only sporadic influence.

America has vast oil reserves, which the aliens are trying to keep in the ground because they feel they have near-total control of the American government. By keeping the oil in the ground, they can use it as a bargaining chip with other aliens. Therefore, NATA is aggressively seeking to compromise and conquer all of the other oil-rich nations. They break up other countries that stand in the way, such as Yugoslavia.

Superficially, Western leaders want oil-rich nations for gain, control and power. The ruling elite do not know the real purposes behind oil seizures. Most of the ruling elite do not even know about aliens, much less that they work for them.

The royal families of the world were set up by aliens as very useful tools to enslave people and control regions and countries. Laws, religions and countries were all pushed by aliens for their own schemes. The royals have nearly outlived their usefulness and will soon be abandoned by their alien masters.

The aliens are nearing full confrontational mode with one another. The alien wars are upon us.

Aliens have set up many portals on the Earth. Few are still used, while most are dormant and some are inoperable. These portals are primarily used for inter-dimensional and inter-planetary travels. Some have been sealed off by aliens here; others were sealed as aliens left the planet. Some portals around the world are about to be activated. One of them is in the State of Texas in the United States. The drought there was initiated by aliens to bring about optimal conditions for the opening and operation of that portal.

There will be battles around the portals and battles around oil fields for now. These will expand as the world becomes fully engaged in alien wars. Regardless of what befalls Libya, the wars are only beginning.

The Meraendians and the Bu-swanee are watching the development of world events. There are special ones with extraordinary powers that will be activated as the alien wars intensify. Deception is everywhere; it is a trademark of the hostile aliens. Beware, things are not always what they appear to be. Be alert.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford