До Свидания #9

A Controlling Smorgasbord


Amitakh Stanford

13th August 2010

Existence seems to build on a hierarchy of control. Hierarchies are present and observable from the simplest biological systems to the most complex. They affect physical characteristics as well as behavioural interactions, whether the social structure involves ants, wolves or humans. Current scientific arguments attribute this commonality to DNA. They argue that subservient behaviour is pre-programmed into the genetic structure of plants, animals and humans. This hypothesis really amounts to a pre-destined, virtually mechanical outlook on life, often without choice or purpose.

On the other hand, there are those who might argue that a common mind created all biological life, and that all biological life forms are thus a reflection and expression of that mind, including its desires, insecurities, attributes and defects. If this be so, this mind loves to control, from the simplest to the most complex of biological life. It is a controlling mind.

One thing is certain, there are hierarchies on the Earth. The more dominant behaviours exert control over less dominant ones. Behaviours can express in many forms. One behaviour that seems to have spread all over the world, throughout virtually all cultures and species, is the expressive behaviour of master and servant, or, in the most extreme cases, master and slave. There are the many who will serve and follow, and the few who will control those who follow.

Even from the very top of an artificial construct or life form, such as a government or a corporation, the degree of power filters down to the very bottom. The same can be seen in world politics, where the most powerful nations control and dictate to the less powerful ones. In religions, the heads determine what is appropriate for their followers to believe, think and do.

The hierarchies are not limited to the Earth. The moon serves the Earth, and the planets are subservient to the sun. The solar systems are subservient to the galaxies, and galaxies to the universe. From various planets, there are alien life forms, which it is easy to extrapolate as having hierarchies of their own that reflect the mind of the architect. That is, they too are controlled by their designer, just as those on Earth are.

Most governments are in denial regarding the possibility of an alien invasion of the Earth, yet the strongest governments are constructing powerful weapons to defend against the potential of invaders from outer space. The public is told that these weapons are to protect the Earth against rogue meteors, asteroids, and other space debris. There are those in government who are very concerned about alien invasions, whilst outwardly they mock and scoff at any suggestion of them.

The aliens from outer space have their own hierarchies too. There are stronger and weaker alien races. The weak serve the strong. They also have servants and slaves, albeit under foreign systems.

When all inhibitions are removed, it is within each true consciousness to know who they are and who others are. That is, they are able to discern those of true consciousness and those of artificial consciousness. Those of true consciousness do not have the controlling characteristic so prevalent in the mind of the architect of the Earth. They may choose to lead, but lack the ambition to control others. This has sometimes been referred to as the difference between a statesman or stateswoman and the majority of politicians.

Our Earth is reaching a point of saturation of those who seek control over others. The Meraendians are on the wait to evacuate their own from the Earth, which will then leave the earthly masters to dominate their own slaves. Employers seek total control over employees. Unions desire control over their members and the employing corporations. Corporations seek to control governments. People want to control governments. Governments want to control everything. Nations want to control other nations. This is a battle royale. Under these circumstances, the less powerful and more disadvantaged will be bullied by those who wield more power. There has been a marked erosion of compassion and altruism. The bullies are all rising to the top.

Very few dare to speak up against the established hierarchies. The ones who dare to do so know that they are very much at risk. There are those who say that religions, governments, nations, corporations and the like are checking one another's power, but, in reality, it is an all-out war. The bullies want to take over, and they are about to do so, the main question being which bully will prevail.

Nearly all countries now have written constitutions. Written constitutions have the advantage of showing all the people how the national and state governments are supposed to work, but have the vulnerability of opening their process to adversaries who can attack the governments by using their constitutions against them. Some of the more devious nations do not have written constitutions so they can do whatever they like, and later justify their actions under the guise of it being legal. Two notable modern countries lacking written constitutions are England and Israel.

The control over citizens of the People's Republic of China can be seen in the constitution of that country. In Chapter One of that document, under the title of “General Principles”, are found contradictory premises that the people have all power, yet have no power:

Article 1    The People's Republic of China is a socialist state under the people's democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants.

The socialist system is the basic system of the People's Republic of China. Disruption of the socialist system by any organization or individual is prohibited.

Article 2    All power in the People's Republic of China belongs to the people.

Under a system based on such premises, the people are effectively not allowed to speak, write or demonstrate against the government. Even Chinese citizens who are temporarily living abroad or who have relatives within China are afraid to say anything against the government for fear of reprisal or repercussion against themselves and their families in China. The people are not free to speak out.

This is the case even though Article 41 states that:

Citizens of the People's Republic of China have the right to criticize and make suggestions regarding any state organ or functionary. Citizens have the right to make to relevant state organs complaints or charges against, or exposures of, any state organ or functionary for violation of the law or dereliction of duty; but fabrication or distortion of facts for purposes of libel or false incrimination is prohibited.

The freedom of speech is illusory under the Chinese constitution, because whilst the people can criticise the government, they cannot disrupt the system. How can one criticise without causing disruption! Slavery is presently alive in China. People are being kidnapped and sold as chattels. How could the government not know that this is going on?

The powers of control are not restricted to governments over people. Some powers have developed rudimentary weapons to create “natural” events such as: droughts, tsunamis, floods, storms, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, earthquakes, sink holes, landslides, glacial melts, and the weather generally. They can not only create unnatural events that appear to be natural, but they can also exacerbate the impact of naturally occurring disasters.

The recent flooding disasters in China and wildfires in Russia are not natural disasters at all, but are really acts of war against those countries by the Qualas. However, the Qualas are sacrificing Pakistan by causing unnatural flooding there to avoid suspicion being cast on them. Everything can be explained away in this very irregular war by claiming mother nature is playing up. She is not, the Qualas are.

The Qualas are also causing worldwide economic panic with an artificially-created global recession. One of the main targets right now is the United States. The Qualas agents have so infiltrated the United States and the United Nations that there is only a small window for America to avoid being absorbed by the European Qualas.

The Qualas are attempting to decimate the commercial powers of the United States and China. At this time, they are not so concerned about American military prowess because it is already, whether willingly or unwittingly, doing what the Qualas want it to do. While all this is going on, the Qualas are trying to dismantle the military threat that Russia poses. Qualas agents have effectively infiltrated these three powerful countries; there are always willing and unsuspecting citizens who do the Qualas' bidding. Disturbingly, there are many agents of the Qualas in parliaments throughout the world who act against their own people.

So, is there a light at the end of the tunnel for the warring planet?

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford