До Свидания #5

Real Independence and Real Self Government


Amitakh Stanford

23rd June 2010

In this imperfect world, anything that threatens human domination of the planet is culled. Before humans took over the culling process, it was balanced by nature. Everything changed radically when humans started trying to control their environment. With the modernisation of tools and weapons, humans have taken the culling of plants, animals and even their fellow humans to an extreme level, occasionally exterminating whole species or races.

There are people around the world who are truly concerned about environmental issues and the plight of animals. The green movement was begun by people who were genuinely excited about protecting the environment and nature. This movement finally gave a political voice to those who sincerely wanted to protect animals and their habitat, albeit a voice that was really only a whisper because they were such a small minority.

Unfortunately, the green premise was soon hijacked by the opportunistic ruling elite, who have a very different agenda to those with an environmental conscience. The ruling elite were able to financially support the movement and fill it with prominent figures. The sincere ones at the core of the movement were soon overrun and swamped by those with other interests. Most of the sincere ones were unable to see through the ruling elite's agenda, and were unaware of what was happening. Many today are still oblivious to it.

In time, the movement grew into a very powerful political force. The green movement is not in the majority by any means, but it has a rapidly growing membership. This growth has only been possible because of the powers behind the scenes, who are not only capable of providing support and finance, but are able to manoeuvre political and social events to create opportunities for the movement to become an influential force in world politics.

Whale hunting, as deplorable as it is, has been legal and accepted for centuries because it was commercialised. Generally, anything that is good for commerce is expanded and legalised. Since it is no longer politically correct to hunt whales commercially, the practice is now legally justified in the name of scientific research. Iceland and Japan are two prominent whaling nations, which have been particularly singled out for their whaling activities.

Iceland, which has run afoul of Britain over the global economic crisis, has copped a lot of criticism for whaling. This is not by chance. It is not coincidental that Iceland's volcanic eruption has primarily affected Britain. The control of nature is in the process of being perfected! Similarly, the 4/20 Gulf Massacre has already convinced the United States Senate to give over power to the Environmental Protection Agency in regard to carbon schemes. This is yet another roundabout way of approving the ETS that the ruling elite tried so hard to get through in Copenhagen. As a result of the fallout from the 4/20 Gulf oil spill, the United States is finally falling into the Olcar's lockstep regarding the carbon-trading scheme.

Japanese whaling is also making headlines. Those in the green movement have taken it upon themselves to harass Japanese vessels to the point that it is hard to tell the difference between the greens and outright sea pirates. The greens’ behaviour has escalated from a platform of peaceful protests and civil disobedience to criminality, all in the name of saving the whales. In reality, they are being used by the Qualas, the most powerful of the ruling elite. Many green organisations could certainly be classified as being “terrorist” groups if they did not have ruling elite sponsorship.

Japan, once a favourite child of the Olcar, has now been abandoned. If the ruling elite have their way, the nation of Japan will be in ruins by 2015. Incidentally, the Red Dragon's Lair is not in Asia.

The plight of the whales is a pitiful one. It is heartbreaking to watch the graphic images of the whales being hunted and slaughtered mercilessly. Whales, like dolphins and dugongs, are extremely sensitive and highly intuitive animals. They are aware and saddened that there are humans who are now using the plight of the whales to cover their selfish and nefarious agendas.

The ruling elite tamper with world affairs. The British are not exempt from ruling elite meddling. Currently, they are operating a tenuous government in the wake of an election that hung their Parliament. Their prime minister has formed a fragile coalition, which necessarily gives the ruling elite a better chance of manipulating the Parliament. Instead of being able to do what it thinks is best for the British people, the government is so hamstrung that it must abide by the wishes of political rivals. As a consequence of the hung Parliament, the British Monarch has more power. This is not to suggest that the Queen is a tyrant-in-waiting, but rather, that the position she occupies – The Throne – has now taken on tremendous power. Under the British constitution, when the Parliament is hung, it can be forcibly dissolved in the event of a deadlock. With this kind of power in mind, it is not beyond the chicanery of the ruling elite to deceive the Queen into unwittingly behaving undemocratically. Surely this is not what Queen Elizabeth II would consciously do.

Australia potentially faces a very similar situation to Britain because the next election could very well end in a hung Parliament. The Australian Senate is already hung, giving independents and small parties such as the Greens, exaggerated voices. When voters are disillusioned with both major parties, they tend to express their frustrations and disenchantment by supporting minor, independent parties, such as the Greens.

It is obvious that the powerful interests influencing things from behind the scenes are trying to split the unity within the Labor party, which currently holds government. The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is presently facing an onslaught in the media, and from the rich and powerful mining and business sectors, all of which are controlled by the Qualas behind the scenes. The apparent reason for the onslaught against Mr. Rudd is his introduction of a planned super profits tax on the mining industry – but the real reason, as will be explained, is that Mr. Rudd has upset the ruling elite.

At the behest of the ruling elite, the Prime Minister ran up huge debts for implementing a stimulus package during the recession. Mr. Rudd angered the ruling elite and their lackeys by giving stimulus cheques directly to the people to spend as they saw fit. This benefited many people at a time of need, and the injection of money into the retail sector gave a temporary boost to Australia's economy. The stimulus measure was too effective. The bottom line is that the ruling elite are trying to destroy Australia's economy. They had hoped Mr. Rudd's stimulus package would be less effective, and that the newly-created debt would severely hamper Australia's ability to recover from the recession. This is because when poverty strikes a nation, the people are much easier to control. The ruling elite have an agenda to eliminate Australia's democratic, self governance.

Assuming the rich and powerful are angry with the PM, the following analysis makes more sense. Australia is still in a fragile state of economic recovery. Any form of problem could send it right back to the start of it. It is obvious that someone who is advising the PM regarding finance and the economy is under pressure from the ruling elite. That person, or persons, has convinced the PM to introduce the super profits tax on mining activities. While there are many good reasons for increasing taxes on the mining industry, the timing of its announcement amounts to political suicide. As could be expected, Mr. Rudd's approval rating dropped dramatically upon announcing the plans for the new tax. There is simultaneously so much internal stirring within the PM's own party that there is even discussion concerning a possible spill motion to remove the sitting Prime Minister! The internal strife is being orchestrated by the ruling elite to destabilise the party from within.

Another thing that the ruling elite is doing to destabilise the government at this time is to direct an unending fleet of refugee-laden boats to invade Australian waters. It is not an accident, nor a co-incidence, that more and more asylum seekers are arriving in boatloads in Australia. This is part and parcel of the ruling elite's plan to destabilise Australian governance.

The plans of the ruling elite are extremely complex, and are often made to appear to be natural occurrences that are unrelated to one another, making it very difficult to get a handle on what the ruling elite are doing. For instance, excessive refugee influx is caused by ruling elite sponsored wars. Few would suspect that one of the desired consequences of the wars is to flood the world with refugees. The influx of asylum seekers stirs many different issues in the country being deluged by them. These include religious, cultural, language, economic, democratic, moral, legal and racial issues, among other things. There is a primary objective, which is that the ruling elite are trying to take Australia's self governance from the people. The above-listed issues are side-tracking Australians and causing infighting whilst the house is on fire! There are enemies from without and within who want to take individual freedom away from Australian citizens.

The ruling elite do not want anyone in power who can think independently and will sincerely try to improve things for the people. They want people who can be manipulated into doing what they want done. Mr. Rudd is very obviously facing internal sabotage within his own party. Otherwise, he would never have presented the ill-timed super profits tax, and would already have abandoned it upon seeing the resultant backlash.

To compound this situation that government faces, the opposition party, which is composed of a coalition of the Nationals and the Liberals, cannot make much headway in the polls. The opposition leader, Tony Abbott, is in a similar position to Mr. Rudd – the ruling elite do not like him either!

With the stage so set, and an election looming, suddenly the Greens and other minor parties are making headway. The polls show the Greens gaining rapidly, with some saying that they could take 20 percent of the vote in the next election. This would be a huge increase, as the Greens have never drawn anywhere near that number of votes.

With the ruling elite backing the Greens in order to try to achieve a hung Parliament, Australian politics could be in a precarious state. Whenever the Parliament is hung, the British Sovereign gains significant power over the government. The Australian Parliament faces the ever-present threat of dissolution of government if it is deadlocked. This is why so many Australians want Australia to become a republic and cut ties with the monarchy. They want REAL independence and REAL self government. A deadlock can easily be manoeuvred if the Greens adhere to the ruling elite's demands.

Whilst people still have the voice, they need to speak out. A hung Parliament in Australia is dangerous to Australian democracy. It could jeopardise the amount of self government that Australia has so patiently and gradually acquired over the centuries. Ironically, the very parties responsible for eliminating many rights of Australians are, for the time being, the people's best protection for preserving democracy. The two major political parties are the Liberal/National Coalition and the Labor Party.

At this crucial time, for the sake of democratic government, it really does not matter so much which of these parties take government in the next election. What is more important is to halt the ruling elite's plan to hang Parliament. Australia cannot afford a hung Parliament!

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford