До Свидания #1

Earth’s Tarantella


Amitakh Stanford

1st March 2010

Six months before the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, I published the following in “Global Warming – Natural or Artificial”:

There will be three MAJOR cataclysmic events to befall the Earth. The first one will startle many, however, many will survive the first. The second will take out further numbers, but the third one will be horrendous and few will survive it.

The Boxing Day tsunami was the First Major Cataclysmic Event, which appeared to be a natural disaster, but it was artificially created.

We are still on the cusp of the Second Major Cataclysmic Event. The Second Major Cataclysmic Event will devastate, demolish and destroy. Billions of people will be severely affected and hundreds of millions will perish. Many plants, animals and sea creatures will be decimated. It is a complex manoeuvre that will be steered by the ruling elite and involve all-out alien wars, which will mostly be fought by aliens against aliens, alien agents against humans, and humans against humans. The wars will coincide with more frequent and more severe geological and meteorological catastrophes, the extent of which will bring about despair, such that, eventually, people will give up trying to rebuild after the natural and unnatural devastation pummels the globe.

As the Second Major Cataclysmic Event unfolds, many Asian countries, including China, Japan, Philippines, and Northern India will be severely affected one way or another. Britain, too, will have its share of devastation, as will Europe, Eurasia, the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East.

When the world is fully engaged in the Second Major Cataclysmic Event:

Many survivors will stare blankly into space
In shock, despair, confusion, fear and utter sadness.
Yet, they will have no more tears
Many of the living will envy the dead

The Attas of the Light will be concentrating their energy on various strategic points in North America, Australia, Western Europe and Korea as the Rescue Mission nears completion. The latter will be accomplished before the Third Major Cataclysmic Event unfurls, launching a brutal deluge on the contorted Earth.

The Third Major Cataclysmic Event is unthinkably horrible – very few will survive it!

Water, water everywhere, but, ironically, the Earth will finish in flames!

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford