Cercle #4

War During Ramadan


Amitakh Stanford

25th August 2011

People of all races, while they may appear to be different, are not all that different in their basic needs, dreams, hopes, yearnings, desires and emotions. Where people differ radically are culturally, religiously, politically and in their geographic location. The political leaders of the world have been responsible for creating many of the differences amongst people. Religions have been exploited around the world, and religious intolerance has caused tremendous conflict and pain throughout history.

The ninth month of the year, according to Islam, is the holy month of Ramadan, which Muslims observe with reverence. In 2011, Ramadan is observed from 1st to the 29th August. During Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to fast, and abstain from consuming any food or liquid from dawn to dusk. Many Muslims consider swallowing their own saliva as breaking the fast. It is also a time when Muslims strive for purity by abstaining from sex, tobacco, gambling, quarrelling and fighting.

Wars conducted during Ramadan are considered as onslaughts on the religion, because they force Muslims who are caught in the midst of them to violate their observance of the holy month. The West, which is predominantly non-Muslim, is seen as seriously insulting and viciously attacking the faith by conducting war on their land during Ramadan. These wars are seen as heartless and unjust assaults on their faith.

The wars in the Middle East, where the people are predominantly Muslim, have stained Ramadan with treacheries, deceptions, killings, lootings and all sorts of unholy activities. Most practising Muslims must feel tremendously violated under such circumstances. When war breaks out, the most undesirable traits often express uncontrollably. People become filled with hate, fear, anger and sorrow, all of which are in absolute conflict with what Ramadan represents in their lives.

NATO carefully planned to invade Libya, which is a Muslim country. Despite the claims of the warmongers that they could easily and quickly seize Libya within a couple of weeks, they knew better. NATO knew that, given the enormous support Colonel Gaddafi had from his people, their war would very likely drag on for months and prevail into the month of Ramadan.

The main reasons behind NATO's assault on Libya are jealousy, revenge and greed. The West is in economic turmoil, and is very envious of the oil and other resources lying right across the Mediterranean Sea which it sees as rightfully its own for the taking. The different leaders are already shamelessly arguing and contesting who should take the spoils of victory. These are what Cameron and Sarkozy were after as they ranted and raved, until others, including Merkel and Obama, were persuaded to join the invasion. It is despicable that leaders can be convinced to go to war by raging warmongers. The elected leaders act like kings and queens, who decide whatever they want for themselves, regardless of what their people think.

The Libyan war is not the British people, not the French people, not the American people against the nation of Libya; it is their leaders and their governments that are responsible for the blood and destruction of that country and the defiling of Ramadan. The Libyan invasion is akin to a modern revival of the Crusades. NATO, with the help of some Arab leaders, planned the conquest of Libya to conclude during Ramadan, as part of their ongoing assault on Islam.

Those who claim religious tolerance in their laws and constitutions are exposing their hypocrisy and disregard for the Muslim faith. It is bad enough that religious hypocrites have corrupted the teachings of Jesus into a warring religion. In the past they directed their churches to topple and convert by the sword, because they believe that they have the only path to God. NATO is the new flag for the modern Crusades and Inquisitions, which, ironically, are driven by the principles of atheism.

Islam is not the only religion targeted by the West, which appears to be driven by Christians, who are atheists in their hearts. If they were really practising Christians, they would not want to kill their own brothers and sisters, who are all a part of God's family according to Christian teaching – God created all things.

If the principles of the West are reduced to the lowest common denominator, they can be summed up as: greed, lust, hate, jealousy, falsehood and temporal power. There is no room for love, truth and compassion. Whilst there are many Westerners who have compassion and love in their hearts, there are few Western leaders who do. The Westerners are victims of their own governments. The day will come when Westerners will awaken and realise that:

. . . when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

When the protesters arise, will their governments recognise them as patriots or will they call them subversives, terrorists, looters and thugs? Will their leaders step down quietly, just like they have demanded of the leaders of Egypt, Libya, Syria and other Muslim countries? As sure as the sun rises, the Western governments will mercilessly butcher their own people if they dare call for true liberty.

True liberty is eroding so quickly that few will even remember it.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford