Cercle #3

Just One More


Amitakh Stanford

24th August 2011

Forty-two years ago an earth explosion
Rocked the Canadian coast
Thought to be a freak storm occurrence
But, a meteor had crashed
Carrying life forms on its back

The life forms unravel mysteries from a distant planet
Whilst infecting Earth with malignancy
Spreading deadly cancer to humans
That will annihilate many

The musical score of America's national anthem
Is causing friction and weakening
The nation's mind and spirit
Bringing out the least honourable side of humankind
And luring them to follow treacherous European Olcars

Symbolically, Libya has defeated NATO
The Colonel's slings and arrows have shocked the Great Hawk
Fighting bravely against long odds
When one is against many
There is no glory for a plundering gang of bullying invaders

Propaganda and deception everywhere
With most of the insurgents being
NATO commandos, terrorists and criminals
The looters and thugs are seeking the nation's treasures
The media promotes deception
And quashes truthful reports
As honest journalists are threatened by NATO rebels

Equality is deliberately denied to people
In order to maintain class distinction and friction

Across the skies
Stars, planets and whole systems
Are dead or dying
The faltering Earth
Though dying too
Is an attractive haven to those without planets

Follow the White Dove's tail
It calls not for war, but for peace
The mountain can house many creatures
Beware of dark ones clothed in white

Much is about to transpire
As unrest grows
Many will watch
But few will wait

The Earth will soon enter
A new phase of unrest
Causing lament for the loss
Of fleeting moments of beauty and joy
Many will die as suffering crosses the globe
It will be unbearable for all but the darkest ones
Who will take great pride in their wicked ride

Be patient and await the White Dove
The walk up the Mountain approaches
Wait a little longer
Just waiting for one more . . .

When the big war begins
The time is near
It signals
The Second Major Cataclysmic Event

Watch the red craft
When it blinks twice
The heavens will open up
Be alert and walk in the Light

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford