Cercle #2

Invisible Fascist Symbols


Amitakh Stanford

22nd August 2011

Symbolism has been a crucial and powerful motivating and energising force in human history. The upright swastika is a symbol for peace and equilibrium in Eastern religions. Hitler discovered other properties of the symbol by tilting it on its side, which imbued it with a powerfully divisive energy. The Nazis used the revised symbol to advance their secular ambitions and goals for racial supremacy and global conquest.

Unbeknownst to many, symbols can exist in non-physical forms. Symbols of secular or religious power can manifest in various ways. For example, the Star of David, when employed differently from the traditional Jewish religious symbol, can be transformed into a totally different energy, which, in the wrong hands, can lead to catastrophic manifestations.

Symbols are very powerful means of expression for either good or bad purposes. The concept of symbols was brought to the Earth by “foreigners”. It did not develop on the Earth and was not home grown. Over time, humans have learned to use the alien power behind symbols to market products, ideologies, followings etc.

Presently, the symbols being used are far more sophisticated and discreet than those of the past, yet, their effects are quick and decisive. One of the powerful types of symbols being employed today is created through a combination of inaudible sounds and invisible images that is impressed on the mind through audible and visible key words. These key words and phrases, when used under certain circumstances, can trigger people's minds to respond in various ways. Some of the key words and phrases are: democracy; humanitarian aid; peace; justice; global village; global warming; global governance; jobs programmes; economic recovery; investment in infrastructure; well-being; solutions; sanctions; health care; lone gunman; terrorists; war on terror (or other words interchangeably used to replace the word “terror”). These key words are not randomly selected. In fact, they are very carefully chosen to accompany certain audible and inaudible sounds to reflect and bring about certain effects when uttered by certain people. In conjunction with the sounds are the invisible images, which create very powerful invisible symbols that can push agendas forward for the unseen ones behind the symbols. Most people who use these symbols have no real appreciation of what they are using.

Some NATO member nations are using invisible symbols without sharing the information with other members. Protesters are being affected by various invisible symbols in the ether. Some sensitive people may be able to perceive fragments of the symbols, be they key words, phrases, sounds, colours, images or feelings. When one suspects they are affected by symbols or symbol fragments, they can dissociate themselves from them by consciously rejecting them. This is an example of exercising one's will over symbolic mesmerising.

The energy of X2O counteracts certain symbolic mesmerising. It supports genuine protesters against oppression and gives them a chance to liberate themselves and others. On the other hand, the protesters who are affected by the invisible symbols think they are fighting for democracy, better living conditions and justice, when they are really fighting as NATO rebels to allow Western conquest of their respective countries.

Behind the victims of symbolic mesmerising are key figures who have consciously sold out their own countries and their own people in return for personal gain and safety. Such ones are often given free passage out of their countries before or after they are invaded or dismantled. They may even receive Nobel Peace Prizes for their efforts in selling out their own people to the West. Such ones often take refuge in countries that are strongly attached to the West. America, England, France, Germany, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are some of the popular destinations. For instance, Saddam Hussein's former intelligence chief, Habbush, is reported to be safely housed in Jordan after being rewarded by the West. Likewise, Mikhail Gorbachev, who assisted in dismantling the Soviet Union, was reported to have been rewarded by the West and was housed in San Francisco for some time.

Presently, octogenarian Gorbachev has been called upon to earn his keep by promoting progress and democracy, whilst simultaneously disparaging Russia's Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, for castrating democracy, and elevating its President and all other Russians who have leanings towards the West. Democracy and progress, according to Gorbachev, means breaking up countries, submitting to NATO and the West, sacrificing sovereignty, pledging to support sanctions and going to war for NATO and bullying other countries into submission. Gorbachev seeks to justify his actions of dismantling the Soviet Union by trying to claim credit for avoiding a civil war. In fact, he was a part of the unholy trinity, together with Reagan and Thatcher, who broke the back of his once powerful nation, leading to more friction and unrest in the region. Now, there are others seeking to break the back of the United States, a nation that is being run by those who could, but refuse to, resolve the nation's problems, and are instead letting it fall to ruin. Its fall is set to be much harder than the one that toppled the Soviet Union. The blank faces have rewarded many who willingly do their bidding.

The West is in deep economic crisis. Even Germany is flirting with recession, and has, against the wishes of many of its citizens, begun selling gunships and tanks to other nations to try to bolster its economy, regardless of what these sales will mean to the innocent civilians who will be terrorised by these weapons. The next step for NATO members will be to energise their old warring symbols to support their leaders in more NATO wars in the name of bringing back the economy from recession. The invisible symbols being used today have the energy to push towards a one-world, fascist government.

It is often said that when any system is above the law, it is dangerous. It is true that when a military tribunal system, monetary system or any other system in society make its own rules and become a law unto itself, it invariably becomes abusive and dangerous. Likewise, the UN and NATO are super-national alliances that have become systems that are laws unto themselves, which make their own rules and do whatever they like. So far, their records do not reflect their stated goals to protect the oppressed and strive for peace. Their actions have not protected civilians, but have killed them in the thousands. They choose who to uplift and who to crush. In the end, even their chosen ones are grouped into master and slave nations. Imagine that this can be accomplished by abusing inaudible and invisible symbols.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford