Cercle #1

Right Side of History


Amitakh Stanford

17th August 2011

History is often written by the victors and later revised by the established governments. It is usually biased, and, more often than not, it is altered for various reasons. Histories are written from many perspectives, and are generally subjective accounts of the victors or the vanquished. Therefore, accounts of specific events can be totally different. Sometimes the differences in histories are coloured by different viewpoints, other times they are cunningly penned with the intent to deceive the readers into believing false information.

United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is well-known for her hawkish stances. She often advocates and promotes military conflicts in the name of peace, human rights, democracy and humanitarian purposes. Her message is wearing so thin that she is now trying to persuade people to follow her hawkish lead by urging them to fight on the “right side of history”. This mantra is like beating a war drum. She drummed it before NATO launched its no-fly zone attack on Libya. Her latest call for NATO members to subdue Syria by repeating her chant to get on the “right side of history” is hypocritical. If she had drummed the same tune against other cruel regimes, she would have been believable. However, she has very selectively played her war drum.

To be on her “right side of history” is nothing to be particularly proud of – at best it is an empty chant. For many generations, slave traders were on the right side of history. If Napoleon had conquered Russia and won at Waterloo, he would be on the right side of history. If Hitler had prevailed, he would be on the right side of history, and there would not be any condemnation of the Holocaust. Both Napoleon and Hitler could have been on the “right side of history” if only they had won.

There are many tyrants in the world protected by the United States and other NATO nations. They do not have to be individual autocrats. Democratically elected parliaments can be tyrannical when the leaders do not listen to the people who elected them. In regard to United States foreign policy, it very much appears that President Barak Obama is reticent to assert and continue American military aggression, but he has members of his staff, including Hillary Clinton, who seem to have overpowered the President, and are imposing their hawkish will on Obama and the people of America. Clinton speaks and behaves as though she has every right to decide who stays in power and who goes, who lives and who dies. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton was demanding Colonel Gaddafi's blood, tomorrow it will be President Assad's. When will this stop? When will her self-righteous push for being on the “right side of history” cease? It is arrogant to be so sure she is right.

It is easy to call for war and to say that sacrifices are necessary when one does not have to sacrifice anything themselves.

With each drum she beats, does she consider the misery she is causing to thousands of blameless people? Her drumbeats have killed many innocent civilians. When former Prime Ministers Blair and Howard, and former President Bush, invaded Iraq in 2003, they were promoting, with absolute certainty and devotion, that they were on the right side of history, because Saddam Hussein was a menace to the world who held weapons of mass destruction. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The Three Jokers were fooled – or were they? Today, the Three Jokers are on the right side of history, but what have they done to the people of Iraq? The country is in ruins and the people are far worse off than before the Western invasion. Instead of building hospitals and schools, these buildings have been destroyed. How many tens of thousands of Iraqi children lay dead in the chase for the phantom weapons of mass destruction? Yet the Three Jokers are not in the dock.

How many more nations must be ravaged to protect Israel? The hawkish elements of the West have vowed to protect that nation despite its ongoing war on its own citizens. The Israeli parliament is tyrannical with regard to its Palestinian people. Yet, Hillary Clinton protects Israeli government-approved homicides of Palestinians. The Israeli military is funded by the American government. United States Senator, Patrick Leahy, has courageously questioned Israel's human rights record. He seeks to suspend assistance to three elite Israeli military units, the Israeli Navy's Shayetet 13 unit, the undercover Duvdevan unit, and the Israeli Air Force's Shaldag unit, which he alleges are involved in human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza. According to Hillary Clinton's view, Senator Leahy is not on the “right side of history”. What she means by the right side of history is to do what Hillary wants.

When Hillary Clinton was First Lady of the United States, she supported Bill Clinton and Janet Reno in their seven-week siege of the Waco complex in Texas and their killing of nearly 100 occupants, about one-fifth of them being children. To Hillary Clinton, when Gaddafi or Assad kill their own people it is wrong. But according to her, Bill Clinton was on the right side of history for killing his own people.

It is very dangerous that hypocrites have so much say in this world. Double standards are everywhere. If there were true justice in this world, everyone would be equally and fairly treated. This can never happen because the world is run by bullies.

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford