Al-Nakba #4

Row, Row, Row, Your Boat


Amitakh Stanford

11th December 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, the coming year heralds the beginning of even more severe challenges. For many, trust and belief in divine providence will be their mainstay for survival.

Despite media reports of off-again on-again recession/recovery, the financial crisis is worsening. The political leaders often lack economic understanding and are at the mercy of those who have hoodwinked them. Those sponsored by the Qualas, and the ones who are able to widely publicise conspiracies and conspiracy theories on television and radio, are most likely just covers for the ruling elite. Otherwise, their programmes would not be aired as widely as they are. It is understood that by widespread publicity, the term is relative to the circumstances.

The widely publicised Wikileaks case is suspicious. Its first round of documents seem to undermine the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other horrific conflicts initiated by war-mongering Bush administrations. The second round of Wikileaks is widely seen as undermining American diplomacy. Not surprisingly, many heads of states and leaders of Commonwealth countries are quick to defend the leaks by blaming American security. This is intended. They are waving a red flag for the American bull to charge in and steal more liberties from its own people. The leaks were initiated and sponsored by foreign sympathisers, although the parties directly involved would not likely know the source of the directions. There will be “for-show” posturing events. At the end of the day, the public figures in the front lines may be made into scape goats or heroes, depending on the decisions from the “top.”

The European Qualas have no intention of allowing Russia to become a full partner in NATO. They are playing a game with Russia, and with the rest of the world as well. They seek world domination, and employ many devious plans. If one fails, another is set into operation. Already, they are doing all they can to keep the world at odds with Russia, and also with China. Then again, the Qualas might try to confuse everyone by appearing to bring them into alliance at a later date.

Ultimately, the Qualas plan to go to war against Russia. They want Russia's territory – the fundamental plan of the Qualas is to take over territories – using resources such as oil as a cover within a cover to distract people from their real intentions. Oil is a critical tool for the Qualas ruling elite to foul the atmosphere, to meddle with the Middle East, and, most importantly, to implement their ETS and other projects. The ETS is a tool to worsen the economic crisis in which the world is mired. It will bankrupt many, including whole nations, widening the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” The gap will not only affect poor people, but entire nations.

Countries that have united in the common European currency, the Euro, are now in precarious situations. They have lost control of their domestic financial destinies. This is by design. Strangely, the United Kingdom opted out of the Euro completely, as did Denmark and Sweden!

After centuries of resisting the Northern European Qualas, Ireland has been stricken by another famine, an economic famine. The same one as has been directed at Greece, Spain, Portugal and Iceland. When these countries collapse financially, the Qualas will have more control over those territories. Remember, the Qualas are always after territories, and some of these are more strategically advantageous than others.

Regardless of what the media reports, many Americans are going hungry. They are collecting more and more food stamps to stay alive. Yet the statistics claim that the nation is in a slow recovery. Hunger understands only its needs and its wants. Faced with surviving the crisis, people are becoming more aggressive, angry, frightened, selfish and disillusioned. However, in the midst of all the despair in America, it is refreshing and heartening to find real community spirit, hope and charity in parts of small-town America, where people have not been so corrupted by big-city greed and aloofness. Instead, they help one another in times of need. The community spirit is so touchingly amazing. They give love, hope and support to one another, not just lip service.

The U.S.S.R. was dismantled, and many of the “sovereign” nations have turned towards the Western Qualas. Both the Northern and Southern European Qualas have one thing in common – they hate Jews, and they have implemented and are implementing many devious policies and plans, including promoting certain compromised Jews to various high positions in politics, banking, entertainment, media, law, medicine, science and other fields. Whether knowingly or unwittingly, the highly-placed Jews in the ruling elite are working against the rest of the Jews. There are also Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists etc. who have been thoroughly corrupted by the ruling elite and work against their brothers and sisters.

Tibet is a treasured territory in the sights of the Qualas. Hence, the Qualas are pushing towards it from their well-established Indian front. Even as India's booming economy is overflowing with wonderful opportunities for the well-connected ones, most Indians remain trapped in the painfully deceptive cycle of aspiration to achieve unattainable dreams. Millions suffer and toil hopelessly. The gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” is widening as the educated and well-connected ones are becoming new millionaires by the dozens, and the people are further enslaved to the new and old rich.

It has recently been reported that Brazil has recognised the state of Palestine based on borders at the time of Israel's 1967 conquest of the West Bank. Many are beginning to question why Israel and Palestine are not recognised as independent nations and peace be restored to the region.

The American people are finally awakening to the European Qualas' deceit regarding the Federal Reserve Bank. In the past, those who dared to challenge the FED were silenced, one way or another. These include many prominent politicians, such as two of the Kennedy brothers. This is not to say that assassination orders come from the FED. But when the FED is challenged, its real bosses issue orders to protect their assets. Their anonymity is well protected. Few, if any, of the board members on the Federal Reserve know who they are. This is the problem with secrecy. Often the underlings are only carrying out orders or doing their jobs without knowing the truth behind the jobs.

The Federal Reserve is very protected. It avoids income tax by special dispensation from Congress. This must stop; the Federal Reserve is a for profit business. It is supposed to have the best interests of the United States in mind and act as a fiduciary. But, it has an overriding dictate to maximize profits for its owners, and greed has won out. One of two things should happen to the Federal Reserve. It should either be closed down or nationalized – today!

As a one-off solution to the debt crisis, America could devalue its currency. This would allow it to pay off some of the debt with less valuable dollars. This tactic should not be applied to reduce deficits, but the debt. Further, this tactic should not be employed until after the Federal Reserve is closed down, or the profits from devaluation of the currency will evaporate into the wallets of the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, which would cause even more indebtedness.

Returning to the subject of the European Qualas, there is one in an old body who is hunting for a new body to occupy after vacating the existing one. The focus is on a young royal. This is how the Qualas maintain continuity of their long-term plans to enslave this planet. Unlike Hitler, who was cloned, this Qualas will totally evict the original occupying consciousness when it takes over its new body.

Indeed, alien wars are being waged in the air, on and under the sea, and on and under the land. Unfortunately, most of the inhabitants of the Earth have been convinced that there are no aliens, let alone aliens amongst us with designs of totally subduing the planet and its inhabitants. By analogy, this is as foolish a stance for humankind to take as to believe that humans do not want to control the Earth and the heavens. It is the nature of things to plunder and subdue. Aliens are not that different from humans in this regard. They will take what they can take, just as humans would take from them if humans could do so. There can be no lasting peace in this realm. This is a warring realm run mainly by hooligans and criminals, no matter how pleasant they look or who they represent.

Anyone who becomes too involved or overly enthusiastic in investigating or helping others against the Qualas' plans risks being silenced. Harvard professor, Dr. John Mack, who became too involved with the investigation of alien abductions, was one such person who was conveniently killed by a hit-and-run driver whilst he was in London.

The Qualas have initiated full-body scanning for the less privileged people who want to use public conveyances. Body scanning is another way of further restricting travelling. As offensive and humiliating as it is, everyone who is forced into submission is tacitly accepting the stamp of slavery. In the ancient past, slaves were chained to their positions to row on command for their masters. In the present day, travellers have to submit to demands of scanning in order to get to their destinations. They know they have to “row” on command.

Privacy issues aside, and the submission to voyeurs whilst becoming involuntary pornographic stars in the process, the body scanning is truly an admission of enslavement when the bigger picture emerges. Whole countries are enslaved also. Recently, when Germany questioned how real terrorist threats were, it was quickly brought into lock step to follow the marching orders of the European Qualas and began terrorising its own people. The enforcers are only acting on orders. They are only doing their jobs. This is how the cycle operates. The ones below are only carrying out orders from the ones above, and the ones above are carrying out orders from those higher than them, and so on. There is no end to this but absolute enslavement.

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford