We wish all our friends a Happy New Year

Trust, hope and belief in our Creator are powerful tools in overcoming fear

Spending time alone with the Divine helps one keep in touch with the Unseen Spirit deep within

Our animal family wish you and all the winged and four-legged ones a Happy New Year too

Mani, Emily, Princess Nera, Pearl, Tulippi, Fitonia, Freesia, Arkee, Breeze, Chantek, Tommis, Ling Ling, Rainbow, Angelina, Jatas, Lovey, Sheene, Jamie, Eddie, Power Luck, Fabulous, Kiera, Lizzie, Misty, Burnley, Drummer, Don-Don, Sayang, Peko, Wonder, Basil, Pepper, Seena, Jet Cat, Tiger Cat, Prince, Kamal, Samee, Sarah, Blacky, Ebony, Smokey, Simba, Mac, Mollie, Matilda, Sparkle, Lancelot, Benji, Gypsy, Sally, Shanta, Rex, Tippoli, White Princess, Cassey, Timothy, Mirralians, Lucy, Jemima, Rosie, Sandal, Evanians

The ones who will miss this Christmas include

Wags, Sabrina and Leah, the most recent of those who have returned Home

We wish them, and all the others who have gone Home, all our love, joy and blessings

The Butterfly is Free